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Trump Speech Shows Clinton Must Be Vociferous In Opposing TPP


Trump Speech Shows Clinton Must Be Vociferous In Opposing TPP

Dave Johnson

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has said she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But she has also said she will not lobby members of Congress to vote against it. Meanwhile, President Obama continues to push for a vote on TPP in the unaccountable “lame duck” session of Congress.

So who could have predicted that Donald Trump would accuse Clinton of not really opposing TPP?

Clinton Needs To Help Kill TPP


Are we going to join with Clinton in pretending she opposes TPP, the "gold standard" of trade policies?


Hint: During elections politicians sometimes say things just to get votes.


yeah and Hillary needs to demonstrate that she can be more than a slimy sycophant obsessed with enriching herself, sucking up to the 1% and wallowing in the sewage of an antiquated, nasty Hobbesian Cold War paranoia tinged with free-market liberalism, and utter indifference to the consequences of her moronic narrow minded choices. She makes Thatcher look pretty mild by comparison.


"Trump's attack was strong, and Clinton set herself up to be vulnerable to it."

In a nutshell, Johnson's statement validates the basis for every poll since January confirming that Sanders would beat Trump by a greater margin than Clinton, if Clinton could even hope to beat Trump.

Despite poll data, the only argument our local Hillary voters have been able to articulate to justify their vote is that "Hillary can beat Trump, Bernie can't".

"Its not what you don't know that hurts you, its what you know for sure that just ain't so" - Mark Twain

Thanks for saddling us with a loser, Hillary voters.


Hillary only came out against the TPP after she saw the reaction the public had to Bernie's opposition to the TPP.
Before that she was a wholehearted supporter of the TPP.
Just look at the hard-cover copy of her memoirs where she praised it.
Unfortunately, those passages mysteriously vanished from the recently released soft cover version of the book "for reasons of available space". Right.

If Hillary is ever elected president, she will push hard for the TPP. It is in her blood along with her support for NAFTA.
Wait for the giant whoosing sound...


Agreed that Clinton must get Obama to withdraw the TPP. Then she must pledge not to repeat his mistake by creating another similar one - should she be elected of course.


Anybody continuing to buy the trickle down snake oil better like something yellow trickling down on them that rhymes with miss.

Clinton's masterful strategy of accusing him of disrespecting Obama every time Sanders mentioned TPP or anything else that occurred on Obama's watch, was masterful strategy that made the difference between her winning and losing the primary.

Although a great primary ploy, in the general election Clinton applying that strategy is tantamount to handing Trump a big stockpile of ammo to fire back at her.


If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. A pledge from the Queen of Darkness is worth, well, horseshit.


Trump’s attack was strong, and Clinton has set herself up to be vulnerable to it. It’s time to change that.

Who is going to change that? Hillary. Why? She is squarely for TPP. To pretend otherwise is mendacious slight of hand. Trump is correct on this. With his new stable of advisors, on can expect more of this. The real fight has just begun.


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Well isn't this scene getting more interesting by the day?!

Trump is doing to Hillary and her equivocating self what Bernie decided was beneath him to do, and he's only just begun. There is a lot of time left before the Democratic convention! I'm not giving up yet, and I hope Bernie doesn't. He might just become the beneficiary of a cataclysmic tanking by Clinton at the hands of The Donald between now and the end of July. It ain't over 'til it's over!

But really, about this piece, implying that the solution to Hillary's problematic stance on the TPP is for her to lie just a bit more convincingly is ludicrous. Pigs with even heavy lipstick are still oinking around.


Yes, Trump for all his gaffes and ridiculous statements, which are just a part of spirited free debate, is right on this one. I think he genuinely cares for the working class. I think he has kind of "noblesse oblige". He has no benefit to run as a leader. I think he is doing his duty to serve society and is a good man. He is neither a lawyer nor a professional politician. I think this is very refreshing. He is not speaking from prepared notes and is just shouting off his mouth. I think this is very, very good.