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Trump Stands Up for Bad Bankers


Trump Stands Up for Bad Bankers

Richard Eskow

The best way to spot a con artist is by paying attention to what you don’t see, as well as to what you see. Donald Trump says he represents working people, but he has already moved aggressively to tilt the scales in favor of Wall Street’s criminal elite.

As Trump moved to rob Americans of some basic financial protections, his choice of companions only added insult to injury.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t


Wells Fargo is part of the too-big-to-fail cabal that Congress put taxpayers on the hook for tens of trillions in bailouts after the cabal crashed the economy in 2008 when they controlled 25% of US bank assets.

Today the the cabal controls 50% of US bank assets so they know they can do whatever they want without more than token reprimand and snag exponentially larger taxpayer funded bailouts the next time they crash the economy, an event likely to be expedited and exacerbated by the Trump regime.


Wall Street is going to crash the economy again. And once again, contrary to Trump's campaign promises, the little guy will suffer and the criminals will walk away unscathed, even rewarded.

The business model of Wall Street is fraud.