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Trump State Department Plan to Declare Human Rights Groups 'Anti-Semitic' Slammed as 'Desperate,' 'Obscene'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/trump-state-department-plan-declare-human-rights-groups-anti-semitic-slammed


Given that Jews and Arabs are Semites, a group that advocates for Palestinian rights cannot be anti-Semitic, but it can be anti-Zionist.
I suspect that Trump and Pompeo would like to deem human rights groups as terrorist organizations and send hit squads to eradicate them.


Like, really, who cares? Does anyone with a brain actually take what these clowns say seriously?

…Since these phks are insane, we should consider that some of things they say, the evil crap, that they will do, they’ve taken some of our rights already. Kids in cages, Federal goons to take ‘care’ of protesters, no emergency funds for ‘blue states’, etc… These phks are murderous SOB’s…Yes, I care…


Having many Jewish friends I loathe the term anti-Semitic with most every fiber of my being. It is a loaded term to cover for a suite of crimes currently in the Greater Israel Project’s name, which many Jews oppose. The Jews are individuals, not monolithic in nature. The monolithic evil is Zionism and it is not exclusively populated by Jews. It is a boil on the butt of the globe and one of the biggest impediments to world peace and has been since at least the Balfour Declaration. Israel must be defanged and the Palestinians must be made whole, starting 72 years ago.


I suspect that this proposed corruption is - at least partially - coming out of the fact that

in 2019

Both the senate and the house overwhelmingly passed their own versions of anti-BDS bills.

They have not been able to combine their attempts into a united bill largely because the

senate version is too blatant in its disdain for the 1st amendment and because there are

court cases which are challenging the legality of outlawing something like BDS.

Both houses are overwhelming and bipartisanly opposed to BDS and their members mostly view it as

anti-semitic instead of viewing it as an opposition to predatory and abusive Zionist corruption.

So, congress is stalled by the fact that government suppression of BDS can hardly be anything but a

violation of the 1st amendment and now the Trump administration is trying to find a way to do the dirty

work for the overwhelmingly bipartisan, constitutionally frustrated congress.

The Trump administration knows it has enormous bipartisan support in congress for the goal of

punishing people for seeking justice through their 1st amendment right.

The real anti-semitism of the government of the USA is aimed at the people of Palestine.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly be anywhere near the truth in the eyes of the democrats and republicans.


CDer’s, try to separate Israel government, its policies, Zionism and the religion.

It is Ok to discuss and critic the government, its policies and zionism.

It is not ok to attack the religion.

In other stories about supreme court nominee, Amy, CD allows very despicable attacks against the Catholic religion. Can progressives retain a bad attitude toward any religion?

But hey, let’s talk about Russian meddling in our elections.


Belesht, Skoti, malgharusam! That’s nonsense language for “Beam me up, Scotty!”

Desperate 4th quarter attempt to get the Zionist vote?


Politico reports the State Department could as early as this week declare groups including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Oxfam to be anti-Semitic organizations and urge world governments to stop supporting them.”

Good! Trump is on our side regarding those shills for US imperialism! (/s)

But seriously, anyone in doubt as to what was meant by “one side is the lesser evil, but the other side is off the scale”.

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The US and Pompeo’s State Department are joining some pretty despicable company in their condemnation of even Amnesty International, HRW, or Oxfam…

What’s it called when government institutions become instruments of repression and destructive of the rights and needs of their populations? Name one good thing to come out of the state department in the last 75 years, just one thing, (and I’m not talking about the innumerable leaked documents exposing the corruption and atrocities against other nations either). The state department started a war between Ukraine and Russia that never would have happened - and While Hillary Clinton was in charge of it too.

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Amen to that sordid fact


all religion good . .no attack . .all good . .


the sad news is that the support of Israeli aggression and genocide of Palestinians --along with continuous warfare-- is one of the agreement points between the Democrats and the Republicans–both parties are in bed with the fascists who rule Israel

remember that it is the Democratic leadership that has been trying to make the support of the BDS movement a felony crime and together with the Republicans have subjected the Palestinian people to decades of policies that have turned Palestine into one the world’s largest apartheid states complete with regular and deadly attacks on the civilian population using weapons produced by our military industrial war machine and/or bought with our tax dollars


Same for journalists, whistleblowers, undercover animal rights etc etc Anyone who wants the TRUTH to be known.


There’s an urgent, immediate gear-up on this score from the deep agitprop state, or whatever you call the ozymandias megalith vomiting forth some of the incredible crap we hear on the radio these days: Something about Iran and Russia collaborating to cyberhack voter-registration data? The italicized phrase is no exaggeration. As Dave Barry has to keep assuring his readers, I swear I am not making this up. (Inept professionals are making this up.) This “news flash” contains so many absurdities to swallow before breakfast, it’s well over the minimum daily requirement.

This “news flash” feels like a preview of coming attractions should the rock-hard orange turd get dislodged: full speed ahead with pivoting death-throes of Empire. Something to look forward to.



In addition to being a abrogation of free speech, this is an example of “crying wolf.” When you misuse words, such as calling human rights groups “anti-Semitic,” or protesters “terrorists,” it “defangs” the words and they lose their meaning and power. Then, when a real anti-Semite or terrorist comes along, and you call them out, no one cares anymore. It is a very dangerous practice.

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