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Trump State of the Union: Watch Live (Dissent Included) in Real Time

Trump State of the Union: Watch Live (Dissent Included) in Real Time

Common Dreams staff

Watch President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address live online in the stream below and follow along as progressives and critics respond in real time before, during, and after the speech.


The reaction:

'State of the Union' with @CommonDreams

PLEASE, Kim Jong Un, Save D’Uhmurika from the PollutocRats —
Drop ‘A Big One’ on the Capitol while Tweetle-Dumb – and All The Scum – are there!!!


His sentimental call for unity is obscene from the fascist jerk Trump.

God, police, military…of course he utters these memes of a true fascist. The fascist jerk Trump.

He has to be the most vile President in our history, and these oligarchs of whatever stripe that countenance every dark means so they can make more fucking money.

Someday the tables will turn on all of you, of whom I speak. Might be long after I’m gone, but the tables will surely turn.


Yes please --to both you and Holygeezer, I don’t care who does it, as long as the missiles/drones/bombs Hit. Their. Target! So. Mote. lt. Resoundingly. Be!

Surely you haven’t forgotten, “What’s good for General Motors is good for the U.S.A.”

The little people are always important during the Corporate State of the Union commercial.

Isn’t it just so touching.

Who wrote this vile speech? Joseph Goebbels?

Are you going to get CJ some legal torture to help him you fascist jerk?

The MIC just hates Trump!!! Remember that one?

Since the 60s, the pendulum has not stopped swinging to the right.

This Administration, this Corporate State of oligarchs of whatever stripe regard this era, replete with a strongman as their endgame.

Watch out, it’s going to get worse for a long time before any hope of getting better. The signs are surely on the wall.

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Who wants to listen to a $hithole spew filth from an orifice? That can be achieved by other means.

What I don’t get is why all of those people tweeting about this speech are even listening to this crap? There is not one single word in the speech worth spending an ounce of energy thinking about. Don’t these people get it already? They might as well be analyzing the $hit from a sewer, that is how valuable this speech is!


I am sure you mean a big fat turd given the $hithole that resides there!

This “show” is nauseating.

Clap, stand, clap, stand, clap, stand - moronic puppets.


Applause usually expresses agreement with the performer/speaker. There were a lot of people clapping during this SOTU address. Fascism seems to have a kind of twisted and perverted appeal for some…

I have the sound turned-off until Joe Kennedy III speaks. The only way to get him to shut the fuck up.

No doubt in my mind.

Or we now get our collective selves together and stop this horror show by a people’s government shut-down. Total, rolling, non cooperation. While we organize to replace the system that brought it into being.


You may be right. Either way, we organize to end this system.

The tables will turn (I hope) sooner than you think. I plan on all of us castrating Crumpus this November. Hang in there!

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Well said!

More a scythe than a pendulum, from all appearances.


Not just Tweetle-Dumb, but the more than half-a-thousand Stooges (minus only three or four) who support the oligarchy of which he is only the most obvious festering pustule.  Yes, I would mourn the few decent people, the innocents who might have died had Kim answered my plea, but IMHO 99 and 44/100 percent of those in the Capital this evening are NOT serving the American People, nor any semblance of (small ‘d’) democracy, but are dwelling in the cesspool of Washington, D.C., solely for their own selfish gain.   Does anyone here really think that it’s a coincidence that TCM aired ‘The Producers’ (aka ‘Springtime for Twitler’) opposite Tweetle-Dumb’s utterly imaginary “State of the Dis-Union” address tonight?

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NOT the whole country — only the swamp / cesspool known as Washington, D.C., and the capital building therein, where dwelleth a large percentage of The Scum of the Earth.  Of course I wouldn’t be terribly sad if a second thunderbolt obliterated the headquarters of the military / industrial complex, the “great” city of New York.

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The women who should have been President