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Trump Stokes Resentment Toward Minorities. Republicans Just Smile


Trump Stokes Resentment Toward Minorities. Republicans Just Smile

Eugene Robinson

President Trump and the Republican Party have run the most racist national political campaign since the 1968 presidential bid of segregationist George Wallace. We shall soon see how much the country has changed in 50 years — and in what direction.


Or alternatively “If we lose it was the Russians” . I woke up this morning to the CBC radio announcing that some Democratic officials have already stated “Russia is trying to interfere in our elections”.

As far as I am concerned blaming all of the USA’s issues on the Russians (It was not THEM afterall that put in those hackable voting systems made by diebold and the like) is the same as blaming them all on the minorities.


I think most of the Republican politicians and who actually care about their country have already bailed out. The only ones left are probably those who but their careers above country and values and will do literally anything to hang on to power. The Republicans who are embracing white supremacy to keep their political careers alive are a disgrace and have sold out to some of the worst people in this country. And it isn’t only racism, it is also xenophobia, and misogyny. That is what the Republican Party now represents. That is what right wing populism is all about.


Arthur Vivian Watkins

Senator 1946

The more I go into this Indian problem the more I am convinced that we have made some terrible mistakes in the past. It seems to me that the time has come for us to correct some of these mistakes and help the Indians stand on their own two feet and become a white and delightsome people as the Book of Mormon prophesied they would become. Of course, I realize that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be the motivating factor, but it is difficult to teach the Gospel when they don’t understand the English language and have had no training in caring for themselves. The Gospel should be a great stimulus and I am longing and praying for the time when the Indians will accept it in overwhelming numbers. wikipedia Arthur V. Watkins[8]
Arthur V. Watkins[8]




When they White Man came we had the land and they had the bibles. Now we have the Bibles and they have all the land.

Chief Dan George


Trump is using age old tactics such as scapegoating, dog whistles, and gaslighting. Anger and fear tactics that unfortunately work. George Wallace later in life admitted to intentionally using racism which he regretted. Trump enjoys the intoxicating affect of power and control over other people and will do anything to keep that. The msn gave him app. $2.5 billion in free airtime for ratings, profit, inadvertently helping him win the presidency.


The problem is that wallace regretted it far to late to undo all the harm he had done. Trump will most likely never regret what he has done. He will be blaming everyone else, esp minorities when he dies and praising himself as a genius and savior.