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Trump Stooge Susan Collins Should Be Some Worried, Maybe Even Troubled

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/29/trump-stooge-susan-collins-should-be-some-worried-maybe-even-troubled


Get her out and every neoliberal regardless of party affiliation!

I’d almost be willing to bet dollars that Collins will be re-elected. Sara Gideon is pushing for restrictions on guns, which doesn’t appeal to people who understand that tools are never the problem.

If Gideon were focusing on public health and getting people off the street who have paranoia or paranoid schizophrenia, she’d have something. But she doesn’t appear to be.

Gee, Collins, what a great ad for Gideon! Unless she is sure that the good people of Maine think that healthcare, etc is a bad thing, it appears that Collins made it a priority to lose the election.

“Colinoscopy 2020.” It should be Collinectomy, a scopy is just an examination with a long snake like thing with a camera on the end. An ectomy removes the diseased member. Her integrity is truly diseased.


“. . . : election reform, gun safety, protecting health care with a focus on those with pre-existing conditions, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, building a more equitable economy,”

I’m Sara Gideon and I approve this message.

Sounds like Gideon means, “Not Medicare for All.” Instead, add more gears and levers to the ridiculously unwieldy and unjust looting-class contraption they disingenuously call “Health Care” in the USA.

Speaking of rapists, #IBelieveTaraReade.

At least some real republicans are running against her—not sure about democrats???

We need Healthcare Centers in every neighborhood


The people of Maine should understand these concepts more than anyone.

But then in the revolutionary war I think Maine gravitated toward King George----the way they like Trump

talk about low hanging fruit! when you finally find something besides trump to write abiout, just look who you found! Amy please just kick the habit while you can still write. Do one about Yemen- they are crying for some attention