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Trump Suggested Haitian Immigrants 'All Have Aids' in Summer WH Meeting: Report


Trump Suggested Haitian Immigrants 'All Have Aids' in Summer WH Meeting: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The president also reportedly said that once seeing the U.S., Nigerian immigrants would never "go back to their huts" in Africa


Trump will never ever be remembered as a “World Leader.”

His legacy will label him as a “Greedy Hater” of anyone different than him.


…all old men with orange hair comb-overs don’t have hair on their knuckles because they drag on the ground…

this “human” has diarrhea of the brain

sorry, i get upset because all our shadows are the same color, all over the globe


He has diarrhea of the mouth, and constipation of the brain.


Oh, okay, I haven’t passed my pre-med.s yet :slight_smile:


Is anyone surprised this despicable orange excuse for a human being is the most hated man in the world…??


Perfectly stated .


Don’t say you’re sorry. The fact that you feel the way you do is something of which to be proud.
Trump, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, the Trump supporters and silent enablers are the ones who should say they are sorry.


Not me.


A representative for the Haitian people should hold a press conference, and state this:

“We, the People of Haiti are very sorry that your President suffers from Mental Illness and Greed. From all of the news reports, it appears that, all Trumps suffer from Mental Illness and Greed. We are sorry for the people of the United States of America.”

Wouldn’t this be sweet?


No. That should be our statement to the Haitian people.


Thanks, my gawd how that miller fellow gets under my skin. I am not violent but I’d like to make his nose crooked. He’s worse than ryan and that’s bad.


Truth be told, I seriously doubt if he HAS a brain, anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would know better than to tweet every pissant thing that pops into his brainless head but this article is perfect proof that he was born without a shut-off switch!


It comes naturally when you have such an ‘excellent’ example (of total idiocy)! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kinda makes me wonder if he isn’t some sort of windup toy.


There’s a whole bunch of whistles waiting to be blown, and much more loudly and shrilly than the one in this article. Let’s hope Trump keeps pissing off the people close to him.


Thinks he’s quite a brainiac, but there’s not. much. there.


He is a Heinrich Himmler wannabee!


Except…he never winds down! He’s more like the Energizer doofus!


Doofus – okay, but as for the Energizer bunny – don’t insult the bunny by comparing him to the Orange House Doofus :rofl::hugs: