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Trump Suggests Gun Nuts Could Just Shoot Hillary Clinton


Trump Suggests Gun Nuts Could Just Shoot Hillary Clinton

Jon Queally, staff writer

During a campaign rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee casually suggested that "Second Amendment people" could take care of Hillary Clinton, a not-so-veiled indication that those concerned about their right to bear arms could actually shoot Clinton if they wanted.

"Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment," Trump told the crowd. "And if she gets to pick her judges [for the U.S. Supreme Court]—nothing you can do, folks."


It's time to ban the republican party as a dangerous hate group. Period.


Hillary Clinton suggests gun nuts (once they enlist in armed services) can just bomb civilians of Syria and Libya.

I'll still vote for Stein, but get this: my state's NPR affiliate JUST announced that Jill Stein can still get on the ballot in New Hampshire--deadline to turn in petition signatures is 5pm tomorrow. Nothing obstructionist about that reporting; no way, in fact they can prove they are fair and balanced because they mentioned her name! I went to g**gle to find a local office where I could sign the petition. Fourth link down (not paid, either)--friggin WALMART.


If anyone on this forum suggested what Herr Drumpf suggested, he/she would find armed police smashing down the door, followed by a brief trial and many years in prison. I may not like Clinton, but this guy is a fucking lunatic. I remember when Reagan was shot. I detested Reagan, but the assassination attempt immediately left me with a sense of horror. There are ways to solve our problems. Killing our political opponents is NOT one of them.


Really. They are a domestic terrorist organization bent on the destruction of America and its citizens.


Yep, that would be why I refer to them as our elected terrorists ... :scream:


Yes, and Trumps remarks like this one will guarantee you can vote for Stein.


Mook's statement is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, don'cha think? Both Trump and Clinton are despicable human beings.


Let's see, Trump has managed to live to the age of 60-something yet still be stupid enough to make a comment like this while running for office. He is totally clueless that these comments he makes will hurt his chances of becoming president? He has no one in his inner circle who can tell him to be a little more cautious with the statements he has been making time and again for the past year? Doesn't make sense to me.


Nothing this man says surprises me anymore.
What surprises me is that everyone still gasps every time he says crazy things.


Maybe didn't mean it the way it sounded.


So far, the NY Times headlines seem to accept the Trump Campaign's "moderate" explanation for this. I was surprised to see that ...


Who knows what he means. Just about everything out of his mouth means little. He might have meant, that they would have to pry their guns out of their cold dead hands. Hillary and any judge ain't going to be enough for the gun nuts.


And just for the record, Hillary in 2008:


Civilization is dead, and we have killed it.


Whatever Trump really meant it sure could be interpreted as suggesting violence. Once he is away from a teleprompter watch out. Trump being Trump looks like a disaster so far in this general election. The polls are showing that Hillary Clinton is rapidly building a lead. This must be tough for Bernie Sanders to take in a way although he does want to stop Trump because if he had won the nomination it appears he would now be on his way to being president.


Ah, outrage. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


Another Distraction to keep everyone distracted.
One after another until election day.......
Deception, Distraction, and so on.......


My thought exactly. What ever happened to "we came, we saw, he (Ghdaffi) died" (giggle, giggle!)


But how did we do this? How could we drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon?