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Trump Supporter Cites Japanese Internment Camps to Defend Muslim Registry


Trump Supporter Cites Japanese Internment Camps to Defend Muslim Registry

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A supporter of President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday cited the United States' use of internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II as a "precedent" for Trump's rumored "Muslim registry."


I try not to use foul language here, but WTF?

The Constitution isn't just for citizens. It's for people. There are a few, very specific instances where the Constitution uses the word citizen. Know where it doesn't? In the Bill of Rights. This is why if a visitor is arrested they aren't tried in a separate court system.

Why not just pin a crescent moon on them and stop pretending?


Stand together, folks, and stand strong. We don't need any fine parsing here: Alt-Right=Neo-Nazi.


I wonder if this country is going to turn into "Casablanca," where people killed, sold their bodies, stole, just to get an "exit visa" to get out of the country.
* Bush had the KBR no-bid concentration camps built and Øbama never had them destroyed, so they are waiting in the wings for "guests."
* Now, the new Fascists are creating a caste system to put in the camps. If that succeeds, then, as others are decided to be enemies of the state, the camps will further fill up with Constitutionalists, thinkers, dissenters, homosexuals, women who have had an abortion, etc., etc., etc.
* Soon they'll have to build still more camps. The prisons for profit boys and the mercenaries will have a ball and make lots of money. Remember, the Reich already incarcerates more of its citizens per capita than any other nation on earth. Under the new Reich, there may be more people inside the wire than outside.
* Time for three hundred plus million people to rise up and say "No more!"


We seem to have an outbreak of spreading paranoia that is threatening our core values. Trying to stick to reality is getting more and more difficult as this wave of paranoia sweeps the middle part of this country. The country is being divided into red and blue zones. The West Coast and Northeast seem to almost cut off from the rest of the country with regard to core beliefs as people move live closer to those with shared values. Can the states stay together? That seemed to be an irrelevant question for many years but appears to be taking on new relevance.


Yay! Another wonderful idea. I like the idea of interment camps because it is historical. I also like that it resmbles the worst in humanity. Now not only can we treat people with religious freedom, guaranteed by the constitution, like sex offenders, but we can also tack on treating them Jews Japanes and gypsies! Go 'Merica


" Until the rise of Trumpism." Sounds to me like an euphemism for the rise of Fascism! Japanese, Interment camps to defend Muslim registry? Now that we have the xenophobic, Mr. Bannon as the chief strategist in the White House, it seems to me it would be appropriate to change the name after January 20, 2017 to: THE WHITE NATIONALIST HOUSE!


I say we have an internment camp for the KKK and all white supremacists who support racism. These people don't realize that we have so much incommon even with trees and rocks and the dirt that we grow our food from. How stupid can people get


Yes, we need another interment camp , just like the Japanese. See, it optimizes the future of everyone who stays. George Nakashima and parents stayed a while.

And look how it inspired one of America's most cherished 20th century artists.


Sorry, but the people you just listed will be the guards, not the inmates in this new order.


Interfaith activists in my city are all planning to ask their congregations to sign up as Muslims.


DJT and his diabolical retinue are "Making America ALL-WHITE Again" by planing to systematically target, incarcerate, obliterate, and expel all non-white (they will pick and choose who will be objectified as non-white as it suits them) human beings, their friends, and their families.

With DJT and his gang, "normalization" is oxymoronic. Cannot wait to see Bannon gnawing on DJT's femurs after DJT crosses him.

Malebolge awaits DJT and his marauders...and the River Styx will explode into flames as they all pass on to their final destination.


Here come the concentration camps.

1) Muslims.
2) Blacks.
3) Sandernistas
4) Homosexuals.
4) Good USAians.

Damn, I forgot the communists and trade unionist!

Ah, well, it's been done before.....................Now where did I put that swastika armband.........?