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Trump Supporters, Hiding in Plain Sight


Trump Supporters, Hiding in Plain Sight

Bob Burnett

In the wake of Donald Trump's disastrous July 16 meeting with Vladimir Putin, many Democrats thought, "At last Republicans will open their eyes and see Trump as a traitor and charlatan." But as the days passed, it became clear that Trump supporters weren't going to let a little thing -- such as collaboration with Russia -- dilute their adoration for the Donald. Republican inflexibility left Democrats scratching their heads, wondering what it will take to shake up the relationship between Trump and his base. The answer is hiding in plain sight.


During the late 40s when my dad was stationed in rubble strewn Germany no German would admit that they supported Hitler out of fear they would be cut off from the food aid and rebuilding that the allies were orchestrating therein.

When I lived in Germany during the mid 70s a significant minority (not unlike the % the Trump base represents) had no qualms with Hitler, except that he lost WWII.

There is nothing Trump and the GOP can do do lose their base. Their brand is well established and brands are powerful.


Why do Trump supporters remain faithful to him?

Because they openlyHate like Trump does.

They hate some racial group, some opposing political party, some religious group, people who don’t speak English, people who live in poverty, and on and on.

Their Hate bonds them, and since Trump gives legitimacy to their Hate, they feel empowered.

This isn’t Christian.

This, is Evil.

If any Trump supporter believes that Jesus would encourage them to have Hate in their hearts for anyone or anything, they, are unfortunately lost.


It’s funny that no one that voted for Trump will admit it these days in polite conversation. The people I know that voted for Trump say things like “everybody just wants to talk politics. It’s all negative. I’m done with that…” And those sorts of things.
The problem is that, no matter how much shame they may have (or should have) when November of 2020 rolls around they will all quietly enter the voting booth and once again cast a vote against their own best interest. They will vote for whatever racist, sexist, xenophobe tells them that, although they are poor and dumb and downtrodden, they are still the salt of the earth.


As long as Trump gives them what they want, his loyal base could care less about any criminal acts Trump commits or anything he says, no matter how repulsive. His base can’t be shocked or shamed into abandoning him. Two years of Trump has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Crying foul after each and every Trump atrocity may make us feel, better, but it has exactly zero political leverage, now.

Are we at a point of no return in this country? Are we at a point where traditional forms of resistance and political activism are equally futile, given that there has been no effective resistance by the Democratic party? Horrible as it is, Trump in 2020 is a very real possibility. The stuff of nightmares, to be sure.


I don’t have any problem “admitting” I supported and voted for President Trump. Most of the latinos on my block also “admit” they are President Trump supporters.

Most of my sensible liberal friends are, however grudgingly, giving President Trump credit for his actions on reducing tax rates and regulations, the booming economy, ending the Korean War & the threat of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula, reaffirming our commitment to the Israelis, record low unemployment for blacks & Latinos, his ongoing overhaul of the VA, his strengthening our military…man I could go on & on but you get the drift.

It really does boil down to the economy. Did you happen to notice what’s being anticipated for the second 1/4 GDP? yeah

Oh BTW, they’re all races, both genders and numerous faiths including non believers. In fact, way back in the early run up to the nomination, when I was on board for Cruz, one of my best friends, a black gentleman, after Trump announced his intent to run, was immediately a supporter.

He tells me that he doesn’t believe polling that indicates only 10%+ of black males are supporters because he says either his friends are apolitical or very happy with President Trump with very few folks dem supporters.

Anecdotal I know. we shall see in a couple months, right?

And of course you’ll never believe it but that’s OK. It wouldn’t be the same without fringe folks like you guys.


That these “born-again Christians” - including ones in my workplace that I work with every day - continue to love and admire the swaggering, philanderer, adulterer Trump remains the single most inexplicable, gob-smacking, WTF-aspect of his supporters.


That these REgressives - including ones in my community that I see every day - continue to love and admire the swaggering, malignant narcissist, arrogant Obama who with out any accomplishments and a continuing disparagement of our country, even after 2 years out of office, remains the single most inexplicable, gob-smacking, WTF-aspect of his supporters.

FIFY-you’re welcome


We are past the point of no return-for the idiocy of the tired, worn out, proven to fail eveytime, REgressive policies.


Excuse me, but you are mistaking me for someone who liked Obama. I never even voted for him.

But back to the topic, why do Christians, who are supposed to regard adultery and extra-marital sex, (or even just wanking off FCOL) and of course abortions - a few of which Trump also was responsible for, as the Supreme Sins, hold the unrepentant adulterer Trump in such high regard?


You mean like the last time we tried single payer health insurance, $15 minimum wage, paid college tuition, paid maternity leave and more? You must not be from this country. This is the United States. We haven’t tried those, yet. What country are you from?


Pardon me. I inserted Obama as appropriate.

As for your question, infidelity is not regarded by Christians as the Supreme Sin although it sure is a violation of our beliefs.

Forgiveness is a central tenet of my belief and President Trump certainly seems a different man then he was. He champions the pro life movement, is appointing men & women of Christian beliefs to the courts and we wanted a winner that would be in our corner.

We got one.

Had we wanted a strictly ideological candidate, Ted Cruz would have been backed by evangelicals-we didn’t, we wanted some one that spoke to a wide spectrum of important issues.


Bob, religious education is the key. The Christian Right support Trump and other Right wing fools because they believe that the rights military intervention in the ME will bring about the end days, and get them to heaven sooner. Based on religious teachings this will happen when the original Israelites rebuild their temple, and have control of the Palestine land (it’s why they were so happy when Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem). What the RR don’t understand is the current Jews in the territory are not Gods chosen people. The original Israelites were black, from Africa, not Europe.
No doubt this will not be a easy sell, as most of the US RR are also raciest. Sadly this is the only method I see to break their support for Trump and the wacky right wing fools in politics. If this education could be realized, it would also go a long way to breaking the grip Israel and duel citizenship holders in govt., have on our policy making.


Fact is, ObamaCare was not much more then a veiled attempt to get to single payer-didn’t work thankfully.

The minimum wage is racist, you know that don’t you? You’re aware of it’s origins? Further it’s counter productive. If a business is forced to pay wages that make it unprofitable, it can either cease operations or automate.

Why should taxpayers pay for college education? Especially considering the joke that most colleges have become these days. You want a degree in gender studies, bust out your own freaking wallet.

Same with all of the other freebies you think you’re entitled to. Ain’t happening dude. You want something, you’re living in the land of opportunity, earn it.


What silliness.

Honestly what passes for debate on this site is generally founded in some of the most ridiculous notions I have ever heard.

Why am I, who is in the middle of these “right wing fools” never hearing anything about the end days?



This is patently false. There were no attributes of single payer in the ACA. To the contrary, the ACA was an homage to the system you worship – so-called markets and so-called competition. It’s economic theory, if you could call it that, was to have as many payers as possible, not a single payer.

Oh boy! Maybe you are racist but paying a livable wage to everyone can’t be called racist.

Not true. If all businesses that currently pay less than a livable wage are required to pay a livable wage, they won’t go out of business, they’ll just accumulate less of the already excessive share of collective wealth that they already accumulate. In addition, they’ll likely have increased sales because more people will be able to afford their goods and services.

Because we’re all better off by an amount that far exceed the cost of education.

Actually we’ve tried very few real socialist ideas and the ones we have tried have been a roaring success. Collecting taxes to pay for roads. Regulating utility monopolies instead duplicating their expensive infrastructure on the altar of competition. Social security. Medicare, to the extent it does cover health costs (if it covered 100% of the population and 100% of healthcare costs it would be a total success).

You’re living in an imaginary world, free of facts and full of nonsensical ideology.

Actually, what passes for your attempt at debate is some of the most ricidulous notions we have ever heard.


Thank you for the civil answer-bed time for MM-I’ll respond in the am.


Trump supporters do seem more like a cult than a political base as a number of people have observed. I have supported many presidents but have not agreed with absolutely everything they have done. I would guess if is the general experience of people who support politicians. With Trump it seems more like the my country right or wrong view that is quite prevalent with people supporting any war the US enters just because it is there country and for no other reason. Trump supporters continue to support him no matter what he does and never criticize him. This really is remarkable in a country with a long history of democracy. He tells lies all the time. He is known to be a scam artist and had taken advantage of people with little money. He has not released his taxes. He has kept his business interests which have caused obvious conflicts of interests. He has praised dictators and severely criticized leaders of democracies. He has claimed there were some good people among the neo-Nazis and white nationalists who armed themselves and marched in Chartotteville. He has been hesitant to renounce the KKK despite its history which has included numerous lynchings of black men. There is nothing about him which is in any way compatible with Christianity. What he has done is allowed people to freely express hate of non-whites and Jews without feeling bad about themselves. Instead of having to act politically correct his followers can freely express exactly how they feel. They don’t want to live near blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Jews, etc.They feel much more comfortable around people like themselves and now they can express that. It now okay for them to hate others who are different. In fact they believe it the natural thing to do so why pretend otherwise. They accept humans are tribal and should live that way, separated from other groups who are different. Therefore they follow Trump no matter what and organize to take down liberal democracy.


I think it is a media-made myth that Trump supporters are the downtrodden. Far from it. Based upon my circles.


I support Trump talking to Putin about getting rid of nuclear weapons. I hate Trump with a passion, but what he said about nuclear weapons was the most important thing that came out of the summit. Just because the sore loser Democrats repeat the same insane story over and over, still doesn’t make it true. We are being wagged BIG TIME by the deep state and its corporate presstitutes into waging war against the biggest nuclear power in the world. Dems would rather wage nuclear war than have the president talk peace to their newly contrived scapegoat, even if it means throwing talk of peace out the window. And sadly, the Cheeto-in-Chief is right about the witch hunt. NOBODY rigs elections in the US like the corporate media, corporate voting machines, and Republican Party with its crosschecking, gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, and outright changing the numbers in the machines.
As for stupid Christians, they’re all about supporting idiots like Trump because he has money and can do whatever he wants. He’s the quintessential idiot’s hero. Jim Baker, evangelical fraud, has started “Trump’s Evangelical Army of God.” He sells apocalypse wares like “Banquet in a Bucket,” for a donation of $165 to his bogus ministry (that promises to spread the word of Drumpf). Two hundred dried, survival food items for what you could buy at the store for $50. Jesus will slap them straight to hell when they git to them thar pearly gates. Maybe He’ll still have the cat-o-nine tails He used to kick the capitalists out of His Father’s church back in the biblical day. It’s crazy how their book tells them that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, but they worship the billionaire from hell anyway. Faith. It’s a mysterious thing…