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Trump Swamp Threatens Waters of the US

Trump Swamp Threatens Waters of the US

Derrick Z. Jackson

Last month, the Trump EPA finally issued its intended replacement to the Obama administration’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and R.D.

Having spent my academic career researching and educating matters relating to environmental hydrology and having been tendered numerous times in state and federal court as an expert witness in such matters, I unequivocally state that Trump is declaring war on the environment. I shall always choose Team E over Team T. I guess I need to go to Mar-a-Lago and enlist some alligators in the fight.


Based on records of actions, I do not trust the Democrat party much more than Republicans to champion for the environment. I trust only GREEN activists. Too much ecological bad was happening during Obama’s eight years INCLUDING HIS FIRST TWO YEARS IN WHICH HE ENJOYED DEMOCRAT MAJORITY IN CONGRESS WHILE HE ACTED ON BEHALF OF OLIGARCHY. His “protections” in some cases left the door wide open to destruction in others. I am getting so sick of hearing Obama being beatified as a saint. Where was he while people in Detroit and Boston and elsewhere are suffering from investors dispossessing them of their homes by stealing their water by charging them unaffordable rates? When did Flint situation arise? Where was O during Standing Rock? I cannot think of ANYTHING Obama did that was GOOD or GREAT.


Uh, the rules getting rolled back are ones initiated by Democratic administrations. You don’t trust them, yet this article is a living example of Obama rules to protect ephemeral streams and watersheds getting axed. And, where were local politicians when those grievance list items happened?

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Total Abuse of Power, with No Regard For The People of America!

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The sad thing is, it’s not really an abuse of power. The administration is following the rule-making process, and there have been several public comment periods (two extended) on rescinding the Obama era WOTUS rules, the last one of which closed in August. They’ve also released Federal Register notices at the prescribed times. The most a Federal judge will do at this point is either force them to extend comment periods or revise their analysis, both fairly common occurrences. Realistically, if we want to stop the Trump administration, then we need a new administration. They have every right to revise existing rules, as long as they follow the process, as does a new administration.

Jackson sez:
"Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and R.D. James, the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, wrote … that less stringent water rules will give ‘hardworking Americans the freedom and certainty they need to do what they do best: develop, build and invest in projects that improve the environment and the lives of their fellow citizens.’”

Meanwhile, ‘hardworking Americans’ can’t even enjoy a simple campfire in the middle of the Cuyahoga River. Sad.

Please note corrections above.

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Can Trump be shot if he threatens our lives by poisoning our waters?

So Trump, his minions, and his family are all slated to be very rich. Tells us about what choice Trump has made regarding our fresh waters. They have decided that, fuck the rest of you and your precious water. Our tribe will make enough money off of these resources so that we can live off of our 1,000,000 gal. water tanks.
In other words they plan on living in the swamp with the horrid little swamp creature.

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The Mfkr Awards:

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Great presentation. This would be nice to hear at the annual “Correspondence Dinner.”

“clean coal” Obama