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Trump, Taiwan, and the Weapons Deal

Trump, Taiwan, and the Weapons Deal

Robert C. Koehler

The president-elect stumbles over the protocols of geopolitics and war, tweeting all the way.

It’s not just insane. It’s awkward.

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yes, indeed trump is at once a part of the status quo and its biggest embarrassment. i guess i’d say his embarrassing the status quo is the one quality i like! it wasn’t that long ago that the small arrogant clique which refers to itself as “the international community” refused to acknowledge the existence of china. frankly, i feel disgusted with all the childish behavior of those we’re encouraged to look up to as “leaders”! empire america or as robert koehler correctly described in a previous post, “The tiny, tightly controlled consciousness that calls itself The World’s Greatest Democracy," has become the world’s single biggest obstacle to peace, stability, and harmony on earth. if the people of tiawan, if the people of the west bank, if the people of guam and puerto rico and if the lakota sioux wish to be recognized as sovereign nations so be it! the utter hypocrisy of empire america can no longer be denied. how often have we seen a frustrated discussion member shout, “WAKE UP, AMERICA!”? well, as bob concludes, maybe trump is just the shock therapy to initiate change. let’s end the secret, spy warrior state NOW!

“Trump, who of course is married to the status quo in his own special way, nonetheless saunters clumsily and cluelessly through the corridors of power, exposing its volatile secrets as he goes. Maybe this is how the world changes — in spite of itself.”

Trump is not as loose a cannon as the MSM would like us to believe. His call with Taiwan was not a diplomatic gaffe – it was calculated to send a message. Trump seems to have a definite plan to restructure economic relations with Beijing, and the phone discussion was the opening volley. To soften that shot, however, he has just appointed Gov. of Iowa Terry Branstad, a very good friend of China, as the ambassador to that country. China is one of Iowa’s biggest export markets and there are strong trade relations there.

So, Trump is both taking a stronger stand on China than Obama did, and offering an olive branch through trade. Compare that to Obama’s ridiculous approach, which was to cave in to every economic threat by China, and then get tough militarily in the South China Seas – and, like everything else Obama has done, his “pivot to Asia” didn’t work. It’s truly delusional to think you’ll improve trade relations by threatening China. It remains to be seen whether Trump’s calculations will pay off, but the point is – he is making deliberate moves, rather than just shooting wildly.

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I fully support efforts to stand by Taiwan (and Hong Kong) in the face of the looming PRC menace. Carter’s 1979 switch to recognizing the PRC over the ROC was purely a Cold War effort to further exacerbate bad relations between the USSR and the PRC. The Cold War (American vs. Soviet) is long over (even if many Democrats seem to believe otherwise). It is time to stand up for political freedom.

One thing is certain. The PRC will take whatever it can get away with safely.