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Trump Taj Mahal Workers Continue Strike Despite Impending Closure


Trump Taj Mahal Workers Continue Strike Despite Impending Closure

Elizabeth Henderson

On a recent scorching Sunday afternoon in Atlantic City, New Jersey, more than two dozen striking workers from UNITE HERE Local 54 walked in a tight circle on the boardwalk in front of the Trump Taj Mahal chanting “Taj Mahal, on strike! If we don’t win, shut it down!”

Casino workers walked off the job early on the morning of July 1 after contract negotiations between Local 54 and owner and multi-billionaire Carl Icahn failed.


The populist Trump, will soon tweet support for the strikers. In fact, Clinton and Trump will try to out-tweet each other.


Thank you so much for you’re fulsome support of these workers. Dumb and manipulated by Hillary though they may be. So generous of you.


So the Donald had high levels of debt and had to file commercial bk. Sounds like what our federal government seems to need to do. Surely no one here believes that the US Government has any intention of paying those debts off- not even 10 cents on the dollar.

Sounds to me like we need someone experienced to shepherd the impending bk through the process.

I hear Trump might be available to handle it.