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Trump Takes Aim at California's Highly Successful Auto Emissions Standards

Trump Takes Aim at California's Highly Successful Auto Emissions Standards

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration is set this week to propose a rollback of California's highly successful auto emissions standards, in a move that could result in yet another sweeping environmental anti-regulatory measure.

This is wild. California is among the toughest auto emissions regulators in the country. Revoking this power could have national ramifications: https://t.co/BjoDMRSvEw

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People of California, take aim at Trump.


Nothing like trying to speed up global warming to bring and end to global civilization sooner. If the white nationalists succeed in taking over this country I would not expect them to last long as nature will have the final word.


I wish the press wouldn’t conflate clean air with climate change which are quite separate problems even though sometimes they have common solutions (and sometimes not - early attempts at emission control decreased fuel economy).

In a theoretical sense, I agree that CO2 emissions from cars (which is exactly determined by the MPG so I wish we could just stay with that measure) is a natural problem to manage federally. CO2 at even 1 part per thousand (by the time we get there maybe conservatives will agree there’s a problem) is not a local human health issue, but it is a world climate issue. So it makes sense to have a federal (but aggressive) standard.

However, with the density of cars we have in California cities (I’m in LA) and the mix of old and new cars, we definitely have health problems related to air pollution (HC, NOx, particulates, CO) from cars and it should be our right to attempt to address this issue the best we can.

This is another reason we need to get rid of the Electoral College. Trump doesn’t give a crap about CA since he can never win our state and likely no Republican ever will again. Thus any disgruntled rich Trump voters or poor white uneducated voters or any other Trump voters who still have to breathe the lousy air here - well fuck them I guess.

Trump and the Koch Bros. working every day to destroy democracy in the US, to destroy every effort to protect the public and our planet –

and it is all and only about PROFITS for the rich.

California led the way on electric cars with I think it was 10% required by 1980. It happened, the public loved them but they were only leased. Long list of Californians who wanted to BUY their cars. The cars were taken at the end of the lease and CRUSHED. See: Who Killed The Electric Car (movie) probably available at your library.