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Trump Takes on the World


Trump Takes on the World

John Feffer

It was 1972. The flamboyant rock star Alice Cooper, not quite a household name at that point in England, was booked to play London’s Wembley Stadium. Shortly before the concert date, only a couple hundred of the 7,000 available tickets had been sold.


By design or not, The Donald is showing the Koch brothers’ hairy asses for what they are. The (in the shadows) drapes of ALEC can’t veil The Donald. This bullshit ship the Republicans have chosen to sail has to be sunk. There is a country and a planet at stake, for Pacha Mama’s sake.


Mr. Feffer ruined a fairly good piece by admonishing us for abandoning the inevitable candidacy of Hillary Clinton. That is how he sees it; many are not yet ready to concede that.

I don’t have any feelings about this author one way or the other, but since in this interminably contrived political marathon there will hundreds of throwaway pieces like this, I’ll nitpick:

“Donald Trump, the tone-deaf politician who thinks he’s a rock star, also knows his target audience.” A more self-contradictory sentence would be hard to compose. He also seems to strike the same tone as the FOX/Republican pundits he cites.


So far, predictably, all of the tag team up first to post push what Mr. Feffer is NOT saying because of their need to avoid what he IS specifying, quite accurately:

“But political incorrectness can work for a guy like Trump because white men are the core constituency of the Republican Party.”

And those white guys ALSO identify with jack-booted fascism. After all, what did Hitler appeal to but that oily muscle of the uber-male?

It speaks to the ANGER that white male workers feel seeing women, Latinos, and Blacks take “their jobs” and push them out of their “superior status,” a status that they took for granted for centuries and do NOT wish to share with others.

"He’s stirred together not-so-veiled racism, crude economic populism, and male bravado into a powerful snake oil. Throw in a bit of recycled Reaganism — “make America great again!”

The engineered association (or conditioning) between supposed maleness and militarism is very strong in the U.S., and that’s why I harp on this need for a radical redefinition of the meaning of masculinity. The trigger-happy police, military males, and occasional nut-jobs that let loose on killing sprees ALL are influenced by this dissociative premise of what makes a man. Trump, while hardly macho in actual behaviors (apart from insulting women at every turn) speaks to THAT.


Except for his probably insincere populist statements, Trump echoes the truest thoughts of virtually every Republican - thoughts that they deeply believe but are afraid to express because of fear of not being elected. Trump probably doesn’t give a damn whether he’s elected or not - he just wants to be a noisemaker.

The Republican Party is the party of the 1% and its minions, and like them has no place in a democracy, but this party can flourish under a pseudo-democratic fascism such as we see in the US.

Anyone not in possession of a rapacious nature and a million dollars in mad money who votes Republican displays a profound ignorance of politics. If logic prevailed the Republican Party would have been dead and buried decades ago for lack of consideration of the will of the people, but the mainstream media and the Democratic Party work diligently to keep the Republican Party alive and preserve the “two” party system.


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News and entertainment. Info/entertainment and reality TV has prepared the American voter for Donald Trump, President of US, the most powerful position in the world. How sad we have been purposely dummied down so we do this to ourselves.


Not sure we’d agree on the new definition, but in principle I’m with you. Socially endorsed gender roles can make anyone stupid… and the place is mostly run by males.


Short version: he’s a big but pathetic shite.


Welp, I’d call Donald a demagogue. Based on the history of that kind of politician, even if Hillary was everything the rabid right says about her, I’d still prefer her to him.


i appreciate the articles coverage. its makes me wonder…if the major party candidates are pre approved and or selected, then who pushed Trump into the ring…and why? why now? unless its because “It can push the Republican Party to further extremes of lunacy.” i dont mean to sound excessively alarmist but consider this:
1.the country has printed an excessively exhorbitant amount of paper money to fund our historically colossal debt and , no,there are not too many superlatives in that sentence.
2.the Constitution,the Republic et al are merely memories.
3.welcome to the U.S.-S.R. (Usurped State of the Super Rich) where whistleblowers are sent to Gulags R Us,a private (of course) company prison,just like the overbloated military is mostly private.who else would bill us for billions of dollars for war contracts?
4.how many bankers or cia torturers or 9/11 “oops i was out of the office” traitors are in jail? have any of them been threatened with 35 yrs in solitude like Chelsea Manning?
5.Euope is in almost as much trouble as we are.
6.nearly every european and north american country has enacted fear based rights infringing legislation.of course we are no.1
7.we are also no.1 in military budget size(=the next 15 countries!!!),military bases,percentage of world armaments (40%+) and imprisoned persons(by number and percentage).
8. we have 17 security agencies !! seventeen. why so many?
9. as a kind of perspective thought: we went from #1 in Rayguns era to #47 now. did he say it was “Morning in America”(for the wealthiest ) or MOURNING IN AMERIKA (for everyone else) ?

Individually,each one is a disaster. we are now 9 for 9 (and ive left out quite a bit). if deTrump serves as the REPObliCON irritant,intoxicant and inflamer, then what do you think 2017+ might look like for the 99.9% ?


Trumped up Trump takes the stump
He’s a thug with a rug
Rich as a witch but dumber than a stump.

P.S. I can see the signs if he were elected “DUMP TRUMP.”


I’ve always looked at Trump as a spoiler candidate. If he actually makes it to be the republican nominee at all, then America has a lot bigger problems than suspected. If he gets elected to prez, then it’s the end of the world as we know it. Certainly the end of the US.


I think you’re right WiseOwl. Trump’s a loose cannon on deck and could knock anyone overboard!

If the bush crime family doesn’t have him shot, like they did JFK and Reagan, Trump just might galvanize the shell-shocked Left for a huge turnout. But since Hillary was on board with the bush CIA drug smuggling through Arkansas as the Clintons turned a blind eye to it in Iran-Contra, the bush/CIA mob will probably not go that far, since they own both sides of the big money duopoly.

I’m still hoping for an unexpected full-frontal bush-Bern at the last second! (which left the Dem heir-apparent ditched at the front steps of her own coronation!)

Come on Bernie, give us a miracle; I’m tired of these vetted Judas-Goats.


I’ll take a stab at this,

The One Percent encouraged obnoxious TV Donald Duck because they saw that nobody was going to show up at all for this fake duopoly election. Some polls of eligible voters have shown that nobody much trusts the bushes or the Clintons, and that turnout is going to be low.

Donald is the flamboyant con-man out front who shoves confused customers down a poorly-lit stairway to a shitty bar with crap food and horrible characters waiting for them at the bottom.


There is no debt at all. It’s a 100 percent fiction created by the Central Bank to loot the country with. Where the hell does the Federal Reserve Bank get off charging me interest for printing MY own money? It’s just worthless paper with a little cheap ink splashed on. Nothing at all is backing up the Greenback anymore.

End the Fed, like Jackson and Lincoln did and prosperity will return to America.


“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
–Thomas Jefferson (couldn’t resist…)


Pat Paulson for President!


I agree. And for me, if not Sanders, I’ll take Trump anytime.


Another populist Trump position is that he would legalize drugs and use tax revenue to fund drug education. Ending the WOD and the disenfranchisement of minorities is a big deal.



Reagan was the first B-movie matinee actor (card-carrying SAG member) to be placed in the White House. Will Trump be the first reality TV star to parachute into the Oval Office? Seems like a natural progression to me.