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Trump Takes Pelosi's Side in Fight With AOC and The Squad as Intraparty Fight Over Immigration Continues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/14/trump-takes-pelosis-side-fight-aoc-and-squad-intraparty-fight-over-immigration

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Trump and Pelosi are in bed together.
It’s kabuki theater and professional wrestling combined.
Add in Schumer, Hoyer, Mitch, etc.
They’re all corporate oligarchic elites serving the richest people and corporations.
They all support war, Zionism, weapons sales, destruction of the biosphere and innocent animals, tax breaks for the wealthy, the Pentagon’s bloated budget, Wall Street, etc.
It’s time for a yellow-jacket movement in America.
But Americans are cowards!


Author sez:
“The president—who seemed to be enjoying placing himself in the middle of an internecine squabble between his political enemies …”

The Pelosi-Squad conflict was obviously getting too much attention from the Assimilated Press. Der Pumpkinfuhrer is merely steering the spotlight back to the center of the universe, where it belongs.


I would also add that part of the problem is that like many of my in-laws…make that out -laws! That love Trump have been so brainwashed by Trump’s lobotomies they are now Amerikan, Fascists.


This maybe a stupid question but what are the 37 congressman in Texas doing to provide oversight, anyone know?


I’ve encountered skepticism from other posters in this forum, in response to my (unoriginal) observation that just because Democrats keep losing, that doesn’t mean Pelosi is doing a bad job. Not if it’s her job to keep losing.

What could signal the DP’s iron-clad commitment to perpetual losses more definitively than offering oleaginous Biden as our bulwark against tyranny in 2020? They keep doing this, all my life they keep doing this: like that poor patsy-team hired to get thrashed spectacularly by the Harlem Globetrotters. You can just hum “Sweet Georgia Brown” and write it off as an inscrutable mystery.

Or you can get woke to the rules of the game: Elite Democrats would much rather lose to a proto-fascist than allow any more anomalies like “The Squad” to squeak through as candidates. Pelosi’s highest-priority adversaries are anyone representing us.


Both these two members of the capitalist empire believe capitalism is more important than democracy and they are working together to convince America that the up coming election is a socialism vs capitalism election when it is really a capitalism vs democracy election.


Republicans always march in lock-step.
Pelosi is doing Caligula favors by not impeaching and not going after his tax returns, and President Caligula is helping her in return.
Cozy, aint it?

More evidence of Duopoly and Wall Street control


I think there’s a racial element to it too. Trump is saying “we whites need to stick together” in the face of criticism of women of color not knowing their place. (Remember Biden’s “he never called me boy, he always called me son”–because I was white?) This of course also plays to the Blue Dog dog-whistle base too.


Being viewed as agreeing with trump should scare the pant suit off of her. Her performance has been tenuous as it is.
When the going gets tough, well we will see how this escalates.

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Yup mine are as well. As are several other family members. There is nothing they will not excuse anymore. My mother in law was a nurse for almost 60 yrs( she is 88). Her father in law, whom she freatly admired, was a traveling episcopal minister who cared for the poor in the New Jersey Barrens in he thirties and forties. We went up to see them at the posh retirement home they now live at out in a super white part of Lancaster County, PA ( Amish country) …Things were fine until she mentioned the ‘horde of foreigners’ invading our country…
apparently she sees NOTHING wrong with children and babies to be separated from their parents, put in cages, not bathed, not feed proper meals etc. I honestly though my mild mannered spouse was going to crack his mom right in the face. Even his dad looked askance… my husband told her she clearly had dementia and walked out to the car.
I tried to make her see what she was saying was horrible and would she REALLY, As a mom, grandmom and great grandmom and a former pediatric and emergency room nurse be ok with babies living in filth and cages? … S he said and I quote, “ yes they are breaking the law”…
We left. He says he never want to go there again. I agree…
She used to be a nice person and no she has no dementia and is sharp as she ever was. … I think we just disowned my in-laws …
Lucky for me though my mom has been dead for 20 yrs and my father for 40 they were ‘screamin’ leftists all the way!!


Not so sure. Judging by that picture, I’d say she found Monica’s old hiding spot under the desk.

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Ick and Ew… full body shiver there…

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Step one for the dims to survive, dismiss this woman and make AOC the house speaker.


The Pelosi-Trump alliance is working together on immigration.
The Pelosi-Trump alliance wants to preserve Obamacare.


If we ever needed a Game Change it’s NOW! We have The Squad and they are our only hope… and may be our Last. How many times have we said, “Trump, Pelosi, McConnell, Pence and the rest of them Must GO?” They are a Criminal Enterprise that somehow must be stopped.


Don’t get me started about idiot Family Members. I try my best not to bring up Politics at gatherings, but someone always does, then the shit show starts. I’m sure you all have the same deal going, but I need you sympathy more! Lol.


You are probably right. Why spend the money on a hotel room, when you have desk for free?

Pelosi may be in a “leadership” position, however, her actions represent subservience, not leadership.

"Stop" calling it leadership.



People whose countries’ democratically elected governments were overthrown by the US and/or right-wing proxies, and replaced with right-wing governments and/or dictators with full US backing, resulting in unbearable living conditions for the common people in those countries are coming to the US asking for political asylum. Those basic facts are and will be spun out of recognition to fit multiple political and racist agendas. As for the prevention of human trafficking excuse for separation of children from families, parents and/or sibliings, a lack of imagination prevents other effective means in pursuit of the same. Could $700/day per person paid to private concentration camp contractors for “housing” these child prisoners possibly be related in some fashion to decisions resulting in such deplorable conditions. Are we that crass as a country, that deplorable human conditions are seen as opportunities for gouging taxpayers for huge profits? Just good old hard nosed free market capitalism, the most fair, equitable and efficient means of distribution of resources, goods and services. I guess.