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Trump Takes Pelosi's Side in Fight With AOC and The Squad as Intraparty Fight Over Immigration Continues

I think it is, more than anything, a class issue. Corruption and ideology are there too. Did you see Clay’s comments on AOC? Absolutely vile, and Clay is not white. They are threatened, by a small group THEY claim has no power. Just goes to show that even with all their money, and even with our Pravda like media, their hold on power is tenuous. If most of these worthless losers weren’t propped up by corporate bribes and the Pravda like media, their power would immediately collapse. Trump and Pelosi obviously disagree on a number of issues, but they are more alike on policy than most Democrats want to admit. In fact, you could argue that on a number issues, Democrats like Pelosi are closer to Trump on policy and ideology than peolpe like AOC and Bernie. And on policy, in regards to popular opinion, Bernie and AOC are the actual centrists.


Well actually although it looks like Trump is Taking Pelosi’s side, its actually Pelosi, who has for decades been firmly on the side of Republicans, and now Trumps side too. Lets go on to note that all the Democrat’s leadership sides with republicans for decades now, and most of the followers too. The candidates who are painted in as Leftists are only forwarding positions that in the early 1940’s were mainstream democrat positions, and it is only against a backdrop of a decades-long extreme right wing radical movement on both sides of the isle, that they appear today to be on the fringe.


more like brain dead


Pelosi under the desk my arss…disgusting to think of that old wretch.

Werner Herzog created a German movie - with the English version titled simply “Kasper Hauser” - about a hugely abused child. The original German title was “Jeder für Sich, Gott Gegen Alle” which translated is “Everyone for him/her self, God against all”. The condition of the US Hegemon is far into its wretched twilight, and it’s probably dragging most of life on Earth along with it.

As Kurt Vonnegut used to write in closure, “And so it goes.”,


Stop using words like whore. You don’t have to resort to that in order to critique Pelosi. You are clearly a smart person and don’t need to do that.


I would contend that Trump and Pelosi are both members of the same party - The Corporate First Party. We need truth in labeling here.


Well a couple of things. Trump knows that the election will turn in important ways on how the white working class responds and he thinks if he can hold them he’ll win again. It’s the Dem establishment focus now too, thus Biden’s dog whistles. Race matters. Of course there are class politics involved too. So it’s both, but it’s also more complicated. Neoliberalism and authoritarianism/protofascism are not the same. As for Lacy Clay, he has a special hatred of the progressives so that he would play the race card is totally unsurprising since this is what the “misleadership class” does.


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I hear you!


Well pointed out. Thx.

this historical iteration of the Democratic party has one overriding objective: to prevent the creation and rise of a viable left wing political organization that could challenge them for one of the two slots of political participation.

They’ve been masters at it for most of my lifetime.


There wouldn’t be a conflict if P’Loser and her buddies in the DNC weren’t losers in the first place. 
(And BTW, it’s Das PumpkinFührer (neuter), not Der PumpkinFührer (masculine).)

Au contraire, IMHO.  A whore (male or female) is a person who does things for money that he or she (hopefully) wouldn’t do otherwise.  Selling one’s body or selling one’s vote — what is the difference?
What’s especially egregious in P’Loser’s case is that she hypocritically pretends she’s on the side of
Us Ordinary People instead of her Multi-NaZional Korporate owners.


Well, it’s good that Nancy made a friend. It’s a political thing.

Nancy, you really should consider wearing a hat. Then you could hold the hat down with a hatpin. Now, why would you need a hatpin? Because friends like the Donald in particular can be friendly, and then occasionally they can become a bit more friendly. I’m sure that you’ll figure things out sooner or later.

Yep, losing elections doesn’t matter to Democrats, as long as they continue to win power for their 1% donor class.

Glenn Greenwald retweeted this guy today:


The Political Compass has a new graph up for 2020 presidential candidates. I think it supports your assessment of where the actual center is.


(Note that the Political Compass uses candidates’ public statements, and voting records when available, to assess their positions; they do not incorporate forecasts of where they are likely to move to once in office.)

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson Ms. P’Loser!!  The Donald might become too friendly and try to kiss you (no accounting for some people’s taste) or – GASP!! – even try to grab you.  But don’t get TOO excited — kissing & grabbing are about as much as he can manage these days.   Just ask Melania . . .

Ja, es ist ein Duopoly:  Das ‘Körporationen Uber Alles’ Partei.

I’m with you, although maybe just a quibble on the last line. I think Caitlin Johnstone was right when she said Americans are the most propagandized people on Earth. I think Americans are more gullible in the face of authoritarianism disinformation than they are cowardly.


Perhaps you’ll consider that, given the viciously misogynistic tenor of the times (putting a rapist on the Supreme Court, for instance, verges on extreme) it’s in questionable taste these days for anyone of any gender to choose the word “whore” – such a reflexive misogynistic epithet – to disparage a prominent woman, albeit an abject servant of Empire. There are plenty of other words available, which are not commonly used to disparage all women.

Quite frankly, there’s a shitload of woman-hating crap all over this thread. I, for one, don’t much enjoy it.


The photo at the top of this page should be on the campaign posters of every decent person running against a DCCC-endorsed incumbent stooge in the 2020 primaries — especially of anyone running against P’Loser!


I give regularly to Act Blue — usually as a tip added to a donation to an individual candidate whom I trust to be telling the truth.  (I will NEVER give even one thin dime to the DCCC, DNC nor DSCC.)

Have you noticed that almost all racists say " The last thing I am is racist" ?

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