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Trump-Taliban Talks Like Those With N. Korea—A Photo Op on the Deck of the Titanic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/09/trump-taliban-talks-those-n-korea-photo-op-deck-titanic

I’d really like to hear a chat between Juan Cole and Phyllis Bennis on this one. Personally, I’m less wary of Bennis, but Cole is definitely amongst the hard-boiled clear-eyed on Afghanistan. I wouldn’t expect Cole and Bennis to have any differences on the past and present there.

How can this nightmare ever end? How long can administrations delay that inevitable helicopter scene?

Even if it weren’t such a walking land-mine as Orangeman in charge of USAmerica, anyone who for a moment mentions actual withdrawal of USAmerican troops, spooks, contractors – all of 'em, is instantly spit-roasted on “both sides” of our M$MBS agitprop machine. Ridiculed as a peacenik.

Don’t worry, Dr Cole: Only the diehard Trump cult ever thought his administration could make any lasting deals on the foreign policy front. Of course, I will give Trump credit for getting out of Russia’s way and letting them largely take charge in Syria – left to Trump & Co, that was sure to be a disaster.

Can any reader point out how the 21st century GOP is any different from the Taliban ?

During the Dubya Regime Dan Savage was spot on relabeling the GOP the American Taliban Party.

The previous U.S. president also negotiated with taliban in Qatar.
The taliban walked out.
2018 witnessed 16,000 afghan police and army soldiers dead in fighting.
American army in afghan is in garrison. Not active at all, other than a few out in the hinterlands.
Likely waiting for John Bolton to send them all into Iran.

Juan’s article info is from published news articles.
american media is not interested.

A peace treaty with the Taliban has to be a Trump photo op fabricated to make him appear like a great leader to his base of dense republican rebels. Religious fanatics stand by Trump because (they believe) non-Christians are going to hell anyway. They imagine Trump in cloud Heaven shouting “You’re fired!” to the souls far below roasting out of sight and sound of their suffering in hell for eternity.

AW, c’mon!
Some folks voted for Trump because he said (lying) that he was agin abortion.
Some folks in midwest voted for Trump because they are flat on their backs - economically.
Trump won Michigan because there were over 20,000 more third party votes in Wayne County (Detroit) than in 2012 election.
There are 23 more reasons that Hilary gave away the election.