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Trump Talks Tough With Journalists But Lets Real Strongmen Like Turkey’s Erdogan Walk All Over Him

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/07/trump-talks-tough-journalists-lets-real-strongmen-turkeys-erdogan-walk-all-over-him

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Which is why Jim Mattis left.

Putin will be having caviar for lunch today.

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Dr Cole is one of my favorite writers here but a couple of things:

What is the alternative “arrangement” Dr Cole suggests is possible based on US wealth and power?
Why no mention of Iranian Shite militias – they stepped up as much as the Syrian Kurds?


Bingo! You can hear the click of handcuffs to the operations of the US to fund and arm groups like al quiada, ISIL and other such rebels to leverage them as future, as permanent pawns. They’ve got Trump by the short hairs and the entire spectrum is playing musical chairs for fiefdoms the world over. Mother Nature is not happy. Here is September in a nutshell.

This isn’t The Wizard of Oz, but we definitely have one of it’s characters, "The Cowardly Lyin’ Trump."


I think that the left need to return to its internationalist, anti-statist roots and stop being little Robert Ludlums framing everything in terms of state power and siding with this state or that state (as long as they are perceived as being anti-US).

The alternative arrangement would be to take a lesson from the Catalonian struggle in 1930s and send international leftist Abraham Lincoln Brigades to the aid of the our Kurdish anarchist-socialist comrades.

Of course, it is way too late to start that now. It could very well be another genocide on the scale the Turks inflicted on the Armenians in 1915. Trump has given his fellow neofascist Erdogan permission, and the world will stand by and let it happen.

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Look, I am all for the U.S. getting out of Syria. But it should be done in a way that ISIL doesn’t come roaring back and the Kurds who came to the defense of US interests aren’t hung out to dry.

Wait, I thought we were in Syria on behalf of Israel to get rid of Assad? Wasn’t ISIL on our Payroll and supported by Israel too?

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You forgot the “/s” right?

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"The White House said Turkey will take custody of foreign fighters captured in the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamic State group who have been held by the Kurdish forces supported by the U.S.

“The Kurds have custody of thousands of captured Islamic State militants. They include about 2,500 highly dangerous foreign fighters from Europe and elsewhere whose native countries have been reluctant to take them back and another 10,000 or so captured fighters from Syria and Iraq.” from APNEWS.com

Here is the real foreign relations puzzle for today. Turkey will send these to europe within the next group of iraq refugees that he expels.

Forget the second whistle-blower, Trump wanting to get out of Syria will most certainly ensure his Impeachment.

Perpetual war must go on!


The objective of the Turkish invasion is to annihilate the Kurdish fighters, and possibly as many civilians and children who comprise the anarcho-sindicalist quasi-state the Kurds have established on their southern border. Of course, in the chaos of the fighting (The YPG and the YPJ Woman’s Brigades will fight to the death), lots of ISIL extremists will escape.


The AP does not yet have the timeline for ISIL pow’s going to Turkey. Thence to europa.

Yes, you are correct. The Kurds will fight - anyone, any where, any time.

Ever since Trump started making deals in Russia three decades ago he has been Putin’s bitch.
Putin was a KGB operative with expertise in psychoanalytic intelligence and recognized Trump as a textbook plant for internal undermining of US democracy. Upon his return to the US Trump serially ranted about getting the US out of NATO and other pro-Russia positions that have segged into allying himself with other autocrats during the subsequent three decades.

Cole’s macho frame is juvenile. In any event, the Kurds should have struck a deal with Syria, as many in the YPG said. Maybe they will now.


I have much sympathy for the Kurds. That said, many of them want a state. It would be wonderful to be anti-statist, but considering that long term goal and the fact that various Kurds can’t agree on anything, we’re talking multiple states or protected autonomous zones or whatever. What’s a leftist to do?

As for the genocide this time around, the Kurds are not pushovers. If they make a deal with Assad and Putin (I know, you detest Assad, who doesn’t(?), but he’s still there with a powerful ally) and get absorbed in greater Syria, no genocide will happen. They should go that route for now.

And we all detest Erdogan too, but he does need to relocate a couple million Syrian refugees.

Wow, ray, that’s a dramatic assertion.

But it’s impossible to argue with much of it, except for Trump arming the Ukraine.

I think you strilke the right balance. Let’s see what the Kurds decide to do. A novel thought, that, self-determination. In any event, Erdogan is not doing this because he’s concerned about refugees, though they are a problem for Turkey and Greece. He’s doing this for nationalist/fascist reasons. Turkey considers northern Syria a part of Turkey and has nursed a grudge about that since the end of the Ottoman Empire. So in a sense a NATO state is invading to reestablish Ottoman rule. Erdogan is always prattling on about the greatness of the Ottomans and ses himself as their successor. 60,000 ISIS refugees will now fan out. Good luck with that.


Yeah, Erdogan kills lots of birds with one stone. His popularity is slipping as the Turkish economy slides.

On the other hand, it’s not like he hides his motives. And in a political sense, he’s played all sides of the Trump/Putin/Netanyahu nexus like a Stradivarius. Which is kinda suspicious in itself – not that I’m the suspicious type…

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The move is not going over well in Israel and Saudi, with people saying it shows the fecklessness of the US. A couple of realpolitik takes to think about, one from a year ago and one from today.


Another viewpoints. The 11,000 Kurdish casualties fighting against ISIS deserves / needs serious american considerations. Then, of course, we do not back up our own Korean War and Viet Nam War verterans. Those killed, injured, and having nightmares.