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Trump, Tapps [sic], and Twitters


Trump, Tapps [sic], and Twitters

Christopher Brauchli

O envy! Envy! Thou gnawing worm of virtue, and spring of infinite mischiefs! There is no other vice, my Sancho, but pleads some pleasure in its excuse...but envy is always attended by disgust, rancor, and distracting rage.

—Cervantes, Don Quixote


a good read, I hope trump reads it, i wouldnt be surprised if the unidentified american that nominated trump for the Nobel prize was none other than trump himself, nothing he likes better than blowing his own horn...


"Having implicated the former president in a nefarious scheme, even though it lacked even a semblance of truth...."

It's crucial to note that implication isn't what happened in Trump's tweet, just a bald claim without argument or supporting evidence. Now more than ever we have got to be extremely careful to respect the power of language and to use words with care. Because they direct and empower our thoughts and our understanding; because words (and/or the lack and misuse of them) frame and are capable of changing the world. When someone's been implicated they've been shown to be culpable, so "implicated" is a dangerous misuse of that word in this context.