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Trump Tax Agenda: 'Astonishing' Cuts for Rich Like Him and Hikes for Middle Class


Trump Tax Agenda: 'Astonishing' Cuts for Rich Like Him and Hikes for Middle Class

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Trumpcare withers away in the Senate in the face of fierce grassroots opposition, two new analyses published on Wednesday show that President Donald Trump's tax agenda—billed as his next big domestic endeavor—would primarily benefit Trump himself and other wealthy Americans while pushing a larger share of the tax burden onto middle class families.


Isn’t that what emperors have done throughout history: fill their coffers and take food out of the hands of the poor? In the end, Rome crumbled because the empire gradually and then abruptly failed to pay their tribunes (guard that did the conquering of the villages/lands for the empire and would be paid tribute in the form of being given their own land along with a few pieces of gold) their just due…greed, lust, and tyranny brought down empire then and it will do so now…the people spoke then and they certainly are shouting out now!

So, of course the hubristic, greedy, gluttenous, self-aggrandizing orange oaf will do all he can to fill his tills and those of his “pals” at the expense of the “lesser-thans” and/or “plebians.”


#Fake president #RealAsshole


Is it time for selective general strikes?


Pigs at the trough! A clear self-interested abuse of power that must be a freakin crime. The ginger pig never released his tax returns either - a smoking gun of his ties to foreign banks, corporate criminals and financial crimes, and lies.


I sorta wish that all of these billion and trillionaires could be put in a large cell with all of their hoarded cash. They could eat as much of it as they want. Period.


See all the richy rich come out against the largest transfer of wealth disguised as a healthcare bill???In fact two billionaire democrats are on twitter wondering what issues people are most concerned about–healthcare is not one of the concerns of the democrat billionaires.


Well, good news: it’s not Democratic billionaires who are calling the shots. It’s hard right mega-billionaires like the Koch brothers that are.


You just have to ask why some people will support Trump even against their own interests and class! Why would working people vote for Trump?

The answer is that they simply don’t know why they shouldn’t. They often don’t know about global warming either. It becomes obvious that the Repubs actually count on Americans being dumbed down and uniformed. Repubs don’t call a bill cutting taxes for the wealthy by cutting Medicaid and other services to the poor the "Help the rich - screw the poor healthcare act!

They tried to hurry their horror of a healthcare bill through on the quick before anybody had a chance to know what was in it. What does that telll you? They don’t tell you because they don’t want you to know.

Progressives that visit sites like CD get a skewed picture of just how well informed the American public is about political issues. To read some pundits here, they seem to feel that everybody will then know the facts once they read their article! Well that is unlikely imo.

Some folks are drawn to the news and like to be informed. Some like to just argue. Some like to convince others etc! All in all that makes being well informed a priority for like eight or nine people in the whole country ( just kidding )! The real truth is that very few people know the issues like we news junkies try to do! Conservatives have their news junkies too who visit their sites just like we visit ours.

The vast majority of people do not know the issues. On rare occasions about certain issues, a much larger number of people are well informed. The Women’s March did not have to educate women about Women’s Rights because after so many years, people already knew. People will join a March against War etc.

Otherwise, you could walk up to most people across America and start talking specific political issues and you’ll hear as a response > " I don’t know all that much about that!" Tax cuts for the rich instead of better health care? You read that here but they don’t! In fact they only get a barrage of conservative crapola instead of news as their usual fare!

They just don’t know, so they vote instead on a candidate’s image or an attitude, The Republicans (and Dems) count on people remaining uninformed.


Very well said! I have ceased being astonished when I mention current events and people don’t know what I’m talking about. So I educate, and I will continue to educate. And to be grateful for this forum, and posters like you… xoxo


I think all of us who are fairly well informed have encountered that look from other people who know that they don’t know much about some issue that you want to talk about! I hope it is different for the young.

I almost think that right wing trolls come in here just to find someone well informed to argue with because so few of their ilk could carry on a decent debate! Lol.