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Trump Taxpayer-Funded Coal and Nuclear Bailout Decried as 'Breathtaking Abuse of Authority'


Trump Taxpayer-Funded Coal and Nuclear Bailout Decried as 'Breathtaking Abuse of Authority'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmental advocates on Friday responded with outrage to confirmation from the White House that President Donald Trump has ordered Energy Secretary Rick Perry to plot what's being called an "unprecedented intervention" by the federal government to bail out financially strapped coal and nuclear power plants that can't compete with the renewable energy sector.


Ecology speaks last.


Is the orange abomination taking clues from the Canadian prime minister now?
So it seems.


Czar Putin certainly approves.


Trump Taxpayer-Funded Coal and Nuclear Bailout Decried as …

… God damned SOCIALISM!!!

… (psssst … they’re really big Republican donors) …

… oh … uh … God blessed CRAPitalism CAPITALISM!!!


OK, this is it! Doing as much as is humanly possible to polute up and poison our country and everyone in America, including all of our oceans, all of the air and water, all of our public lands and all of our national parks and monuments, and poisoning all of the American people, especially the poor and most vulnerable among us and then to force taxpayers to pay for it, is now finally the ultimate abomination!

Trump, are you just doing this to anger the left and those who care about our environment or what?! Is this just a childish attempt to get back at everyone who opposes you? Are you really so self centered that you will permanently and totally poison and destroy the entire environment of America and kill off all of the wildlife just for petty revenge, or is it blind greed or wanting to please your golfing buddies in the fossil fuel industry and help them get trophies of Grizzly bears and wolves to put in their multimillion dollar mansions?

Trump and Perry, and Zinke and Pruitt need to pay the ultimate penalty for even suggesting this abomination. I will allow each reader to imagine for themselves exactly what form this punishment ought to take. I have quite a few things in mind myself right now that I will not mention here! Trump is unbelievably evil! It is amazing how wicked this man is. It boggles my mind. These four horsemen of the Apocalypse need to spend the rest of their lives drinking fracking chemicals and that is just for starters. Hell is too good for these human abominations!

We will fight this outrage! Trump needs to be impeached now. We can’t wait for November. He thinks he is getting away with everything. He is just like my brother who when he was three years old he got in the family station wagon that was parked on a slight hill facing a small farm pond. My brother Billy always wanted to drive the car so he got into the car and locked all the doors so no one could get him out and then he put the car into neutral. The car started to roll towards the pond. Billy was in his glory! He was absolutely ecstatic! He was driving the car and it was moving! This is exactly like Trump. Trump is driving the car, (running our country). The car, (the economy, which is the only part that Trump cares about) is moving ahead and getting a bit better. The unemployment rate decreased by 0.2 percent! Whoopie! Trump is ecstatic! He is in control. However, as Billy was rolling toward the pond, me and my mother, (the resistance), were trying desperately to stop the car from rolling. The car keys were in the house (Congressional republicans) and too far away to get to soon enough. We tried everything. We failed to stop the car! The car rolled closer and closer to the pond (disaster). Then, at the last minute, right before the pond there was a rut, (Mueller) and the car stopped just before the pond. Billy was saved. We got the car keys and got him out (impeachment). The thing that I will never forget was the look of ecstasy on my brother Billy’s face as he was rolling towards certain or almost certain death in the pond. Trump reminds me of my three year old brother only much much more evil and a grown man who acts and thinks like a three or four year old ignorant, spoiled, out of control child! God help us!


This piece totally ignores the history of the nuclear industry - a creation of the MIC - that always has been heavily subsidized and and taxpayers have always been responsible for nuke wastes and mixed toxic/nuke wastes – both of which are impossible to neutralize. The coal industry has also always been heavily subsidized as have oil and gas. By both the states and feds. People who have just discovered the abomination of these life-killing industries make me almost as sick as the industries themselves.


Nuclear power plants are the first electricity plants to trip offline whenever things get close to critical. Because their operators are deathly afraid of a meltdown, they always trip early and often as not their actions can bring down an entire electric grid. Bailing out this walking undead energy source on the grounds of “reliability” is a make-believe argument.

Having said that, I implore the environmental community to demand the R&D that will create affordable, renewable nighttime power. The grid’s fine on sunny afternoons but we need 99.9999% backup reliability. We don’t expect any Republicans to be the adult in the room, nor Exxon, nor the business-friendly neoliberals. That’s why we must be the adults in the room, face our critical needs head-on and then demand these same needs of every half-friendly state and regional government.

Storable power is out there waiting for a political/financial push. I count about six horses in this technological race. For me, the big two are bird-safe power towers (not the current generation, sorry) and mountainside solar chimneys. Elon Musk batteries still have major lithium mining problems, but that issue might be conquered. Hydropumping is an old standby. City-sized solar cells have been tried.


You do realize that according to the US Department of Energy wind and solar receive FAR MORE subsides than nuclear per KWh of generation…


I don’t think you appreciate the scale of solar and batteries that are needed to replace nuclear generation in the USA.


I don’t have too much trouble with the nuclear part - nuclear is about as CO2-free as wind or solar and so government supporting it is not a bad thing - wind and solar get even more support, for now. But nuclear plants are not very numerous compared to the coal plants - and coal is horrible from an environmental standpoint.



This should really make Trump supporters happy. In addition to hating Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, etc, they also hate environmentalists who first whipped up fears about he ozone hole then then global warming. And environmentalists are strongly opposed to coal and nuclear. The Trump supporters have struck gold, Drilling for oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, socking it big time to the environmentalists. Trump just keeps givings. His supporters have hit the jackpot. And his party has rigged the electoral system with gerrymandering to such an extent that the good guys (Democrats) may not be able to come to the rescue for those who cherish the environment…


Corporate socialism on the rise. I guess you could say it is social security for the old and dying industries.


Not if you count the oil and gas wars. Opps.


Nazi trumps FUCK OFF!


So Gov Andy Cuomo bails-out three upstate NY nuke plants with $7.6 Billion (at least) in taxpayer money and now the ginger pig plans his own give-away of taxpayer dollars to energy crony’s and other rich pigs - what do R’Con moron trump and DINO Dem scheming Cuomo have in common?..beside corruption and a virulently vindictive nature?


What Trump needs is the most is the most powerful smack down in US history as an incompetent president. Why? He is the hero of right wing radical racists and sexists. Not only is he arranging for taxpayer bail outs for corporate slobs he is setting up as an easy way out for the nuclear industry and coal industry. I would not be surprised at all to find out Trump is setting up his second term in office with the coal and nuclear industries solidly funding him as a two term president. And where does that register on the barf-o-meter?


It seems that just about everything orangie does revolves around his need for popularity, approval from his fans and re-election as the end result. Why is it not obvious that his “team” is destroying our planet ? Because this has been the MO of the greedy for centuries.


Forcing taxpayers for bailouts of private interests should be illegal –
and we should be able to sue the officials who pass such legislation.
We’re bailing out Koch Bros?

This is the roadway to austerity and bankruptcy of our Treasury.