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Trump Team, ALEC, Koch Industries Debate Gerrymandering the U.S. Senate in Denver


Trump Team, ALEC, Koch Industries Debate Gerrymandering the U.S. Senate in Denver

Mary Bottari, David Armiak

Now that GOP state legislators have control over 32 state legislatures (both chambers), thanks in large part to partisan gerrymandering, some extremists are preparing to use their clout to gerrymander the U.S. Senate.


Taking short stalk of the process

If you do the bidding of a couple of pairs of testicles, you will be elected, which means you might be guaranteed a pension and health care for the rest of your life thanks to the taxpayers, who have no choice. If you are not the one getting elected, but making sure the rest of the faithful stay aligned against their interest, you are part of the slimy drip drip gravy train, and you will be taken care of. So just do as you are told.

To that end, the group will literally recreate geography, pour in millions of dollars to the co-opted media, threaten a few lives, and ramrod the gullible for your image, seduce a couple of woman, or rent a couple of whores to test the will of a virile opponent.

Is anyone on this page willing to play that power game?

How many fingers am I holding up?


Excellent report. Thank you!

ALEC should write a book, The Art of the Co-opt. Seems they simply can’t have too much corruption, all the time calling their proposals “fair” or “equal.”


There are ways to beat Big Money, but Democrats are not interested in winning if it means losing their legal bribes and graft. If they really wanted to win, they could take a clue from this party:


If there were any doubt, this article is conclusive proof the the Extreme Right-wing Republicans plan to take this country back--------back 100 + years!


What kills me are the names used for these ultra anti-democratic organizations. They make it sound like they have the peoples interests in mind when it’s the exact opposite. They want to extort as much as they possibly can from the workers, both white and blue collar,and sip martinis and smoke Cuban cigars at their posh clubs. It’s time for a real movement to get some of the country back toward “The People”. The corporate plutocracy has to be reined in somehow before there’s nothing left of the country.


It is just unbelievable that the dem party would ignore ALEC for all these years 30 or 40? They are that stupid or just complacent, one in the same party. Good cop/Bad cop keep us off our guard, well the people are done with the dem party and the people who vote republican should be done with repugs but they thought Trump was a man of the people. I am sorry but How? why? I know I had a friend that loved man, loved reality showed, thought he was a cracker jack business man. Stupidity I thought then and still do.


So the more money you donate but you seat at the convention and/or to have your district the first where this is tried? Hum???

Not even 50% of the people vote.

It is a start but how to keep the top people honest.

With all the issues out there and the complication of bills i.e. healthcare, budgets, et all who has time to get all the intricacies figured out and vote wisely?


If one could cast a secure, encrypted online vote for a law or for anyone at any time with the touch of a cellphone key without having to spend billions on elections, most people would vote. If one could propose laws and have them voted on, this incentives would get us close to a 100% voter turnout. Let computers deal with all the intricacies, like we do with almost everything else today.


This article confirms that “make America great again” really means MAKE AMERICA GILDED AGAIN.

The 17th Amendment was one example of the many pieces of legislation that ended the gilded age.

Perhaps the next ALEC convention will focus on repealing the 13th Amendment ?



I am not sure if you are familiar with bitcoin encryption methodologies- Ethereum has taken it one step further with contracts.


The next step after this? I understand there will be a call for a full Constitutional Convention as soon as the Koch Aristocracy can gain but Four (4) additional Republican lead States. What then? Aside from chaos and the total demise of our Constitution, the very effort that our elected officials have taken an oath to protect, will be lost and the people of this once powerful Nation will become slaves to the oligarchy or worse.

Unless the people are awakened with this knowledge and its obvious detriment to themselves and their heirs, we are all lost.
But who will inform them? Who will they now believe? The Main Stream Media all but destroyed its credibility during this past election cycle and still does not report on issues that concern us. Is that because the oligarchs own them?

The Koch brother initiative has already done too much damage to our Democracy, Judicial System and Educational System. They have gone so far as to threaten Senators with withdrawing their monetary support in upcoming elections. Is that coercion or bribery? Will our State and Federal elected officials ever open their eyes to the ultimate goal of these people or are the promises too grandiose to refuse?

The Koch brothers have been working at this for more than 40 years and have drawn many of the wealthy into their effort of not paying taxes and the freedom to profit and rule with no responsibility, no matter what the cost to humanity. Who do you believe is the major influence and guiding light in the Trump decisions on his Agency heads? His turn from not wanting to see people dying in the streets to his let them all die health care? The Budget that will hurt millions of citizens, not including the Kochs or their ilk.

This is not us, this is not the United States of America.

With all that effort and the millions upon millions of Dollars invested into our political system, what will be the end result?
Will the United States become a Libertarian Republic? Or worse yet, a Fascist or Communist Country? Perhaps the possibility of a Putinist Society. They may have the ball rolling in the direction they want; at least for now, yet there are other forces awaiting the opportunities opened by these single minded individuals that promise freedom and prosperity, but only to the few.


The US Senate already is gerrymandered.

The smallest 21 states have a combined population equal to California, but completely unfairly, obviously have 42 Senators compared to California’s 2. The 2 most populous states in the US are also among the most progressive, and many of the more populous states are that way because they have big cities which tend to be much more progressive. if all states had equal representation in the Senate and electoral college (or we did away with that 18th century waste) and we actually had one person one vote, progressives might have the equivalent of 50 more seats in the Senate and elect Democratic or actual progressive presidents every time. If we can somehow get rid of this reactionary bias we can also outlaw gerrymandering at the state and House level and pick up maybe 50 more seats there.

Even with the relentless whine of Fox, Clear Channel and other right wing media, large majorities favor the progressive position on issue after issue; imagine what it would be like with a fair media policy geared to meet the needs of the people rather than genuflect to the wealthy and the corporate system.


Hell, if they could, they’d probably repeal the whole Bill of Rights, with the exception of their beloved 2nd Amendment.


However, every things is hack-able. no, thanks.


This could change your mind:

Encryption technologies such as RSA and SSL will ensure the website is very secure. Over the last decade, we have seen the rise of online banking, shopping, and even stock market trading with these security features. There’s no reason we can’t vote online as well.

To guarantee the integrity of the system, the public will have the ability to completely audit the voting record. An anonymized public record allows voters to ensure that no votes are tampered with. Additionally, a third-party monitor will take samples to verify that the public’s votes are recorded properly. The monitor will also track our congressman’s votes to ensure they are voting with their district."


I’m learning more about this all the time. Lots of Youtube vids about it too. Thank you. I’ll check out Ethereum.


A secure transparent blockchain table for the voting records would be ideal.


thanks Troy, until hackers figure out how to get in?? I really don’t know but am very pessimistic and who produces the website on the state level. Diabold was a republican machine and …???


Sounds good. I’ll research it.