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Trump Team Rejected Ethics Training for Staff, Cabinet, Appointees: Report


Trump Team Rejected Ethics Training for Staff, Cabinet, Appointees: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump's transition team rejected a plan to provide ethics training for senior White House staff, political appointees, and cabinet members, Politico reported Thursday.


"Changed it's goals..." Don't need Ethics you say.

Entitled, Arrogant, Self-Important public servants who know all that they need to know about decency, morals, and social grace.

Every day is testament to the fact that these humans on the 'Trump Team' are not there to serve the masses of America.

Their goals are born in greed and deserving of only one thing, a place in Hell.


The fact that ethics is not even on the radar says a tremendous amount about the administration.
Ethics! We don't need no stinkin' ethics.


No need for ethics training if you believe that you have no need for ethics.


Ethics are for suckers!//s//


Ethics, decency, decorum, diplomacy, self-respect, integrity...Nah, they have never employed them in their other careers, why should they start now? And as for laws, they were made to be broken. Ride 'em, cowboys...YEE-HAW!


Why would any self respecting fascist even consider letting the mere mention of ethics, let alone training, within a hundred miles of DC ?

Keep Guantanamo open so we have a place to house Trump and his band of pirates after they are brought to justice.


Note that ethics training with annual refreshers is part of the standard training for EVERYONE in government down to a GS-1 Clerk Trainee. So, the rejection of ethics training for WH staff is pretty mind blowing - frightening actually...