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Trump Team Sets the Stage for Prosecutions of the Press


Trump Team Sets the Stage for Prosecutions of the Press

Norman Stockwell

At a press briefing last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned darkly of “the dramatic growth in the number of unauthorized disclosures of classified national security information in the past several months.” He suggested that his Justice Department would begin “reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas.” It was not a subtle threat.


I don’t know about you all, but it’s way past the time for We the People to make a mass “Citizens Arrest” of Trump and every single one of his cohorts.

This kind of treatment of American citizens must stop, and We must be the ones to stop it.


In America it is the mainstream press that does the greatest damage to our democracy. The mainstream press is the strongest force in the rise of fascism mainly because it doesn’t promote jackboots but instead rationalizes the loss of our freedoms. While progressives (like shown in this article) continue to fight the good fight, the right leaning press continues to fight them! The conservative right leaning press will ‘dutifully explain’ to middle America and the no longer silent majority the reasons why to be free that their freedoms must be reduced!

To have a free press the press must be controlled and restricted by the government or so says Sessions and Trump! To them a free press doesn’t mean that the press can print what it wants to or that the people have a right to know (including through leaks) what their government is doing. To Trump and Sessions a free press is a press would never think of publishing a leak at all. Once the press is sufficiently intimidated and controlled so that they know where not to cross the lines drawn by the government…

…then they are free to publish whatever they like!


Are you going to be first to do this pony? Just curious! When do you make this citizen’s arrest? A courageous act it would be too!

Assuming that you are just venting as usual, just how do you envision this happening? It is too easy to say ‘We must’ like you do but just maybe you might try figuring out the how to of what you talk about? Expressing those thoughts might help. Just venting not so much!