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Trump Team Wanted 'Red Square/North Korea' Tanks-and-Missiles Parade: Reports


Trump Team Wanted 'Red Square/North Korea' Tanks-and-Missiles Parade: Reports

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration team reportedly wanted to include tanks and missiles in his parade Friday to show off U.S. military power, the Huffington Post reported Thursday.


Sorry, Donald... Your town is too dilapidated and swampy for our tanks.


So, the military refused to comply with the first request from their commander in chief. "Washington was built on a swamp" I thought he was going to drain it.


America. Outdone by North Korea.


" They were legit thinking Red Square/ North Korea style parade."

North Korea is one of the most brutal, horrible, dictatorships in the world! So I guess after all, that would be appropriate!


Quoting HuffPo and WaPo is not helpful nor is neglecting a little more context such as JFK's inaugural parade where "Sixteen thousand members of the US armed forces marched with displays of modern weaponry like the Minuteman missile and the supersonic B-70 bomber." [Counterpunch, Wikipedia]


JFK had a big military display but not Donald Trump. SAD!!!


You need only ask yourself this question...
Do you plan on being a "good German?"


Maybe you're right not to take it all too seriously. We're likely to get all circus and no bread.


The B 70 didn't exist when JFK was inaugurated. He actually cancelled its development as a bomber shortly after his inaugural. Politics kept some funding going and an experimental version flew in 1964. Not going to bother checking on the rest of counterpunches stuff.


He wasn't the commander in chief at that point. Obama was. Maybe Trump will have them reenact the entire event with real fireworks.


Sorry, the quote is from Wikipedia where you are welcome to edit if you wish. I highly recommend Counterpunch for a range of quality articles (not just the Trump/Russia-bashing we get day after day in less rigorous 'news' sites). Our problems are much bigger than Trump, and it's nice, if disheartening, to read about what's going on in the real world. I'm very fond of Moon of Alabama, too, but of course, you must find the places where you are most comfortable. :slight_smile:


"Find places where you are most comfortable" is not advice I'm inclined to follow. Many people are already entirely to comfortable with their dogmas. You may be comfortable with counterpunch, many are, but rigorous doesn't really describe their reporting. Are you saying they simply relied on Wikipedia?


Who's not taking it all seriously?


C-punch had a photo of the JFK inaugural parade showing tanks and things, and I did find similar on Ggl Images so that's right. The CP author did not mention the B-70, Wiki did.

CP does not 'report news' as such, they print or reprint articles by a wide range of writers, most are are good and many are excellent, and I believe the articles are adequately sourced, too.

The point was that Trump's wish for military involvement in his parade was hardly 'Russian' or anything else detrimental, given it was not a unique preference as there is world and American precedent for doing so.

Everyone has their fave music, food, etc., and everyone is on their own path in politics and in life. We just share what 'we' like, and leave the decisions to the recipient.


The American precedent was more than 50 years ago, arranged by a military then under DDE, not JFK. The "world precedents" are far more recent and ominous. I just find it queasy when some try to present Trump in some more favorable light.


Huh! Talk about cognitive dissonance! I though he said in his address that the US had built up other country's militaries while allowing our military to crumble. Would he want to parade a crumbling military down Connecticut Avenue? I think not.

What a bunch of idiots.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


I am beholding to you for countering dus7 revisionist "history." I watched the JFK inauguration and do not recall any of what dus7 asserts happened.


What a logistical nightmare a military might parade at an inauguration in the US would be. And what message would that be sending around the world? North Korea and Russia would welcome the sight while all other nations would be horrified. And could the US really rely on NK or Russia to come to their aid in a time of crisis...no way...they would simply bide their time until they could swoop in and pick the bones of the victims and search through the rubble for treasures....

How short-sighted and egocentric of Barrack (with the blessings of the DJT tribe, Flynn included erupting with glee raising his right arm out straight in salute) and the "celebration" planners to even suggest such a debacle.


He wasn't Commander in Chief yet.