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Trump 'Temper Tantrum' Continues: Tells McConnell to 'Go Nuclear' or Shutdown Will 'Last Very Long Time'


Trump 'Temper Tantrum' Continues: Tells McConnell to 'Go Nuclear' or Shutdown Will 'Last Very Long Time'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Friday urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to "use the Nuclear Option"—or change Senate rules to end the right to filibuster and enable legislation to pass with a simple majority—to push through a spending bill that would avert a government shutdown but also include $5 billion in funding for Trump's infamous wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.


the rump is counting on enough of the D’s to fold. Time for the D’s to grow a backbone and call his bluff.


Look at those 2 smiling jackasses flanking the orange goofball. All three would look great in orange jumpsuits.


Trump is far more narcissistic and amoral than Hitler.
Hitler dreamed of re-enacting the Holy Roman Empire (where the Third Reich idea comes from), much like ISIS dreams of reviving the Caliphate. Trump is much worse than that.


You are right about the Democrats folding, but you can’t expect them to grow a backbone, they never had one to begin with. Sit back and enjoy the show. It is just starting.


You are going to shut down the government. You say that you are willing to shut it down for a very long time. This is what will happen. Thousands and thousands of federal employees living from paycheck to paycheck are going to miss house payments. They are going to miss rent payments. They are going to miss credit card payments. And they are very likely to have their homes foreclosed upon. All because in a little temper tantrum a little snit you can’t get the money for your stupid ass wall. You are an asshole.


It’s time for Repukes to snap out of their tRump induced trance.


We already know what kind of crap is going to be spread by *#ump. So now it’s up to our lazy, self-indulgent asses to move on Washington. Someone has to put out a serious call-to-arms. It can’t be the baby boomers lead this time, we are getting long in the tooth. We can bring up the rear or do a flanking maneuver, but someone has to lead. There have been far too many LAST STRAW occurrences to go unattended by an oppressed public. They ALL have to go before a permanent rot settles in.


I see three cartoon characters; Eddie Munster, Tooter Turtle, and Bozo the Clown, but these three aren’t very funny.


And Hitler never had nukes, so Trump could start a nuclear war, in my opinion… that potentially, makes him far more dangerous than Hitler!


You are right. A pathological narcissist like Trump will do anything to feed his ego. The only silver lining, if there is any, is that ignorant whites will pay the price of their stupidity. Not great comfort really.


Sadly, those of us who have known for 40 years what an ignorant bully, a blowhard and a lying deadbeat Twump is—and tried to warn against his candidacy—will be paying along with them. I see no way around it.

Nobody who wants power as desperately as Twump does should ever be allowed anywhere near it.


Mitch says, “Hey Chuck, I’ll throw in another $5 billion for Israel.” Chuck say, “Okay, I’ll get you the Democratic votes you need.” I don’t trust Chuckles any more than I do McConnell. Too many knives in the back from Chuck and lies from Mitch to think either will stand their ground on anything.


Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?


Seems your trying to say something. Like I just said on another post, there don’t seem to be any on the left willing to take the job.


“The only silver lining, if there is any, is that ignorant whites will pay the price of their stupidity.”

If only we could limit the “payback” to those fools who voted for trump (one of my favorite dreams). But, alas, many more than those “ignorant whites” will feel the pain of the trump/GOP presidency.


Yes, Trump is much worse than that, especially because everything that Trump does or wants to do is the worst possible thing that anyone can even imagine, and those things that he does make very little sense overall. He goes where the wind blows and only does whatever Putin, Erdovan, or MBS tells him to do for some odd reason. I can guess the reasons why, but I’m not certain what goes on in Trump’s head. Trump has no real vision for America, except pleasing the wealthy billionaires that he wants to be respected by. In the mean time, and it is a very mean time, Mr. Opposite Man is destroying everything that once made America great, instead of Making America Great, with lots of help from republicans and some help from some bad democrats and those who don’t vote or who refuse to get involved in saving our country and our government. America was already in very bad shape in many ways even before Trump. Trump truly is the giant wrecking ball who is demolishing the historic old brick building that is our rickety old eighteenth century government that is failing at trying to function very well in the 21st century.

One minute Trump is an isolationist nationalist wanting to immediately pull out of Syria and Afghanistan without informing anyone in advance, abandoning our faithful Kurdish allies without any consideration, or having any real plan for a safe withdrawal, and the next minute he is a rabid globalist wanting to build NATO bases in Poland. He can’t make up his mind who or what he is about or what he really wants to do, so he zig zags all over the place, and all he thnks about is making money for himself, getting attention to feed his ego, and acting like an ignorant stupid out of control bully and spoiled brat. It’s like he is a blenderized combination of Mussolini, P.T. Barnum, the collective members of a locked psychiatric facility or the collective inmates of a prison, a mafia Godfather, the poor little rich kid, the Marx Brothers, and all of the Three Stooges rolled up into one. I have taken to calling him President Mayhem, and I hope that the Allstate Insurance Company can protect America from him. The sooner he is gone and the sooner the republicans are all out of power, the better it will be for America and the American people.

I am also thoroughly disgusted with the traitorous republicans who only care about themselves and don’t care one bit about America at all either. They have completely and permanently made the Republican Party the traitorous, tyrannical, perverted, greedy, corrupt party of Trump from now on. At least I can be certain that no Republican, no matter how nice he seems can ever be trusted again. I won’t ever forget! There is no more doubt that we have two versions of America in this country, and perhaps we always have had two Americas, but there is no doubt about this now and the battle lines are clearly drawn. But even though my side is the majority, it’s not a majority by much, and I am ashamed and disgusted with the thirty five or forty percent of the American people who support Trump and these horrible republicans no matter what they ever do, and I am horrified that even democrats leave a great deal to be desired and are far too moderate for our country to be able to make the drastic changes for the better that we must make to ensure our national survival.

Humans are not very good at prevention, and global climate change will not be amenable to any cure because the CO2 that we emit today will stay in the atmosphere for 1000 years which is ten human lifetimes, and we cannot do anything about it once it is there, so if we don’t prevent it by taking drastic action now, as even democrats are unlikely to do soon enough, then we and all life on earth are all doomed to a terrible fate, and I am very angry about this and I am grieving already about the loss of the natural world and the ensuing extinction of most species of plants and animals that I dearly love, and the loss of many millions of human lives that will shortly come to pass if we fail to stop this. I have not heard my favorite bird song of the white throated sparrow for seven years now which used to be common here in Maine for all of my life until now. The last one I heard sang all night long, and birds never sing at night, but he did because he could not find a mate. It was the saddest thing that I ever heard! We are committing eco-genocide and I’ll bet that no one else in my county or perhaps even in the entire state of Maine has even noticed that this bird has gone missing, except for me! What is wrong with people? Doesn’t anyone care anymore? I guess we are all exhausted from fighting republicans and every bad thing that they do over and over like woodpeckers, they never quit trying to do terrible things! Satan must truly love all republicans!

Greed, ignorance, stupidity, laziness, bigotry, and our many human weaknesses has caused Homo Loco to ride again! What is a caring, thinking person to do, except grieve? I always tell people the truth about things but they always fail to believe me no matter how many times that I am right. I guess I would have to be very wealthy and male and then perhaps someone would take me seriously. But then Al Gore is male and has money and he tells the truth and they don’t believe him enough. It’s just that I would rather save the environment than have wealth. I’d give my life if it would save us from climate change or the extinction of even one species. Money doesn’t mean very much to me, as long as I have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. I don’t really want much. To me, the best things in life are free, and we are destroying them all for mere money! And America, our materialistic way of American life, and about half of the American people are really beginning to disgust me. Perhaps I should just go and die with the Native Americans, if they would even take me, because at least they know the proper way to live! Any country founded on the robbery and genocide of the Native Americans, the four hundred year enslavement of kidnapped African Americans, and on bigotry, greed, lies, and the total environmental destruction of America so as to satisfy our collective addictive greed and arrogant ostentatious wealth, is a country doomed. America is Mystery Babylon, and the Bible foretells it’s and our well deserved destruction.

I wish I could leave here right now and had some other country to go to that would take me and that I were young enough, healthy enough, acceptable enough and wealthy enough to go there. I want to go someplace like Tasmania or New Zealand. Instead I may be doomed to just die here in America instead, with all of those others who didn’t know any better, even though I have been warned of this doom in advance, and have known about the danger ever since I was in college, and I have known enough to get away and escape all of my life, but I didn’t go. I just couldn’t go away alone and I don’t have the courage or the money or the health to pull it off by myself right now. If I am very lucky, I’ll inherit my money before things go bad and make it to a place that is 5,000 feet above sea level and get land in the mountains of New Mexico before the oceans rise and flood me out of my home here in coastal Maine. May God have mercy on us all and save us from our terrible fate, even though we Americans probably deserve to suffer for our greed and our wanton destruction of God’s creation.

I must just thank God for each day and take life one day at a time, because that is all that I can do right now, but the urge to run to New Mexico or head for the hills grows stronger and stronger and more and more overwhelming every day. I fear for those living in Florida who are only inches above sea level. Perhaps once Florida goes underwater then all Americans will finally wake up! I hope that it is not too late by then!


Maybe “Squeaky” Fromme would like the job? I doubt it though she already spent enough time in prison.


When the Antarctic ice cap slides from the surface of that continent into the Southern Ocean (around August of 2021, maybe??), sea levels will rise by 75 feet*, the Rio Grande will become an estuary as big as the Chesapeake Bay, and the top of Trump’s wall will be under 50 feet of water. Even proponents of the wall - most of them, anyway - will admit that a deeply submerged wall is neither an effective obstacle to entry nor a “good investment”.

*more or less.


Feeling trapped is horrible, and somehow you have to get the strength to take action. Unless there is something insurmountable, like a serious health issue, there are many alternatives besides New Zealand or Canada. There are good internet resources to start your exploration.