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Trump Thanks 'Really Great Drugs' as Return to White House Denounced for Sending 'Dangerous and Toxic' Signal

Wearing a mask to keep out virus is like using a chainlink fence to keep out mosquitoes.

Food for thought.

The mask is to reduce the broadcasting/receiving of aerosols that carry the virus.
Food for thought.


tRump is a callous nincompoop. I think there is a 90% chance that he didn’t have COVID-19 at all. His test result may have been a false positive or the whole affair might have been a ruse. His reelection would present a clear and present danger to the country. He is all about “me” and nobody else. How his base doesn’t see that baffles me. Desperate people are just willing to be deceived, I guess.


True. False positives for this thing are notoriously high.

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How often do you come into contact with someone else’s spital? Neither have I.
Masks also force you to breathe in your own waste.
My father almost passed out from being forced to wear one.
Food for thought.

Hi there President Trump:

Yes, it’s ME the Covid 19 Virus. Thanks for the vote of confidence in how silly people are to get excited and think I will decide to kill everyone. I won’t kill everyone-- how could I? if I did I’d be killing myself! -oh listen----- how are those guys doing who were driving you around this a.m. so you could wave—be nice to their families because—well, you know, Oh wait a minute—never mind—don’t speak of the virus again. It might scare people.And you know me and you Don, we’ve got the world by the tail—and by the tale you’re telling everyone----I’m going to go GANG BUSTRS again!
YEP, you and Me—a killer team, if I ever saw one/, Those Pandemic of 1918 virus guys have nothing on us. Oh the power we TWO have to rule the world—I’m thinking of being named KING, so don’t get any ideas-- you do do that Corona is the crown of a king, You do know that doncha?
-I AM THAT I AM-- I----- that has the power of LIFE and DEATH----and—hey are you listening to me? Wait a minute—what are you doing? YOU think YOU have the power of life and death----NO.
In fact I think I 'm going to be working on that drug cocktail of yours–looking for little problems—sad effects–don’t ya know? What’s that? You’re not feeling we’ll now-----ah—well----- tis a pity as we could have made a world empowering team----but here’s only room for ONE Corona—and that crown goes to me! Sorry Donny, you coulda been a contender-----but YOU don’t play fair at all!


I remember how the JFK autopsy was clouded by the military doctors at Bethesda.


This whole website is ridiculous…! Did you all throw out your common sense…? Or, did you ever really have it…? Probably never…
How on earth can you make these insane and empty statements and have people actually respond as if they were intelligent…? The President is doing a GREAT JOB. He is doing all to keep our country strong and above water. Pres. Trump is the only one, not Biden who is always sleeping, to get our economy back and booming and he can do it in record time. If we all act as Americans and work together. Have never seen this nonsense in all my years since immigrating here in this amazing country the USA.
Please stop your dumb comments and actions and do not let the world see how so many Americans are so brain dead…


Not spittle. Aerosols. Big difference.

When your father has surgery, make sure he insists that no one performing it is forced to wear one.

Food for thought.


The people who actually know about biology and pandemics and stuff–or in fact most everyone with two functioning brains cells–knows that the virus appears in many different guises and strengths, and that we are almost certainly no farther than the halfway point. The seasonal flu has killed from 0.004% to 0.02% of the US population annually in recent decades. If mortality rates for the novel coronavirus stay at the same level for another nine months, total global deaths would be somewhat higher. But many cases of this particular coronavirus have hideous consequences perhaps worse than death, and consequences that may turn out to last for decades.


It’s the Trump Virus.


Dumb statement… and you probably think you are intelligent.

Ha, ha. Good one.

It’s such a courteous virus. Doesn’t attack people eating outdoors, only when your walking!!

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I’m sticking with the Herman Cain virus.

Although I appreciate where you and @Mary_Bardmess are coming from.


Open the country. Get the economy back. Open schools. Stop this insane political play at American’s expenses.

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I think tRump is carrying enough baggage to pull him into the abyss. However, he must first be defeated before we’ll see the next act in this national drama; Donald and the Giant Con.

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OK, so I assume you will go out wherever you like, bars, restaurants, parties, large gatherings, funerals, which there will be more of, etc. with no mask and no “social distancing”, then go home to family and give them a big hug - congratulations, Trump would be proud!


Your leader is down double digits in the polls now.
And you come to this website to talk about the great job he’s doing?

The guy who said he’d be doing a great job to hold Herman Cain virus deaths to 100,000?
By the time he’s dragged in handcuffs from The White House, 250,000 or more will have died.

Front page news for four days running: Your leader is hospitalized and part of a spreader event.


I agree!!

Trump is more dangerous to the United States than Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined could ever be. His mismanagement has caused the equivalent of 70 September 11th’s as of today.
His malignant narcissism has left us divided and in need of serious political healing. A world without the Republican Party is possible on Nov 3!