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Trump the Arsonist


Trump the Arsonist

John Feffer

The world according to Donald Trump is very dark indeed. The American economy has tanked. Mexico has sent a horde of criminals over the border to steal jobs and rape women. The Islamic State, cofounded by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is taking over the globe. “Our country’s going to hell,” he declared during the Republican primaries.


Trump is appealing to groups who feel like they are the losers as America changes and they are supporting him in hope of turning things around to return to their glory days as winners. One of the biggest groups is white evangelicals who are main Protestant groups in the South and parts of the Midwest. They have become losers because of demographic changes. Protestants are no longer the majority of people in the US. Mainline Protestants who mainly live in the northeast and upper Midwest have seen their number decreases tremendously and have accepted the change and have embraced liberal causes. Evangelicals have become the dominant Protestant group but even their number have been going down recently and so has their political power. They hae yet to accept this state of affairs. Another group that Trump appeals to is white males without college educations. Over the years manual labor has been devalued and having a college degree confers a certain status making many of those without college degrees feel like losers. A third group that Trump appeals to are white racists who see whites heading toward losing their majority status as racial minorities grow in numbers in the US. Trump is promising to the limit the immigration of minorities and deport millions of Mexicans and prevent further illegal immigration from Mexico. To these three groups of supporters life in America is quite bleak and is heading to even a more bleaker future.


The democrats could have passed immigration reform in 2009-10 when they held the two branches of government----but they didn't WHY?????The democrats could have raised the minimum wage at this time but didn't-WHY?The democrats could have passed campaign finance reform but didn't-WHY????

We have an unemployment rate at 4% but there are no help wanted signs anywhere-WHY?
LA Times writes of the emergency of a growing homeless population-WHY?
I am constantly interacting with people on the street asking for help-WHY?
We have interest rates at 2% with no growth-WHY?
We have a corporate media that is so blatantly driving the outcome of this election one must wonder what the effect will be.

Donald Trump ----you do understand that you are being played-----talk about trade-talk about how the corporate media controls the agenda to the detriment of working people. MOST IMPORTANT TALK ABOUT THE CORRUPT POLITICAL SYSTEM. Where is Hillary Clinton today 20 days before the election? At a fundraiser!