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Trump, the Banks, and the Bomb


Trump, the Banks, and the Bomb

Baher Kamal

When pro-nuclear disarmament organisations last October cheered the United Nations decision to start in 2017 negotiations on a global treaty banning these weapons, they probably did not expect that shortly after the US would elect Republican businessman Donald Trump as their 45th president. Much less that he would rush to advocate for increasing the US nuclear power.


Note that Dodd/Frank legislation further reduced banks' risk when they make bad investments by creating "bail in" that makes depositors' money assets of the bank. In the past, bank stockholders and taxpayers took the hit when banks made bad investments. Post Dodd/Frank, in addition to mega taxpayer funded bailouts, the banks will be able to steal depositors' money when banks' "investments" fail.

You can bet that Trump and his band of pirates will cherry pick Dodd/Frank, dumping CFPB and keeping "bail in" and other bankster friendly components.


In Italy , just as in Greece before it there major banks on the verge of failing being bailed out by the Government. Under recent changes to Banking laws agreed to internationally the depositers will lose some of their deposits.

Now in Greece what this lead to was the hording of cash outside of banks so the banks proposed there be taxes on all cash withdrawals. It is their hope this will lead to less use of Cash in society and more usage of electronic funds from which they can glean a service fee.

Much the same happens in India and in fact US Government agencies such as USAID are helping to finance the Move in India to lessen the use of cash in India and go to an electronic version where the person at the mercy of the banks that will hold that persons deposit in electronic form.

In the past when people lost faith in Governmnet issued currency this often led to an increase in people buying gold and silver. In the past this was outlawed by banning the ownership of Gold by private individuals. Today banks and Governments collude to depress the price of Gold and Silver via market manipulation. Gold and silver certificates are being printed up that PROMISE to deliver the gold and silver indicated on demand yet the supply of these vastly exceeds the amount of Gold and Silver available. This allows the banks to dump these en-masse into the market to try and drive those prices down.

This in itself is proving to be a failed strategy as China and Russia both used this opportunity to buy up physical gold and silver at a steep discount , just another reason for them to be deemed "Threats to national security" even as the neocons in power in the US and in the EU suggest "winnable Nuclear wars" in order.

It a big con that goes on and quite frankly whether it Trump in charge or Clinton, Democrat or republican, Conservative or Liberal , it a con that both sides are participating in all over the World. the one percent grows fabulously rich off this con and do not have to create a single job so as to get that wealth. Indeed they lobby Governments such as the one incoming in the USA to have their taxes lowered even more.


Why anyone does business with these corrupt people is beyond me anyway. Put your money in a local credit union.


I use a credit union for all my banking, but I can't fail to notice that at restaurants and bars and stores almost everyone - especially young people - all inexplicably have that same orange PNC bank debit/credit card. PNC Bank seems to be I-Phone of banks - you're not cool unless you have an account with them.

And unfortunately, credit unions rely on big banks too.


This is a brilliant idea - a financial boycott of nuclear bomb component makers and suppliers...


I hadn't considered credit cards. I will have to think about that.


Picture a video game called "Bounce the Rubble". You put your coin in (one trillion dollars) and you get to push the button five times more.

In the first screen you see a large city. You push the nuclear button and then you see rubble with a few walls still standing. When you push the button a second time, two more walls fell over. When you push the button a third time one more wall is degraded, etc.

What's the problem here? Well, first the game is simplistic and no fun. Second, the game is overpriced.