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Trump, the Pandemic, and the End of the Trumpian Tragedy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/11/trump-pandemic-and-end-trumpian-tragedy


He is exactly as narcissistic, cruel and idiotic as he’s always been. For a long and very consequential while, that was his “genius.” Now it is his fatal flaw.

Talk of his “fatal flaw” brings to mind Greek tragedy – but there was never a tragic protagonist with the childish shallowness of our own Oedipus Rex, who is fated to never encounter that moment of truth, the apotheosis of tragic development onstage from time immemorial. It almost seems like high tragic drama, only the star of the show is such a pitiful clown.

And the audience is trapped in this enclosed theater, unwitting volunteers in finishing the tragedy.


Trump is a psychopath.

The nation is at the moment, also psychopathic.


“I am depressed that I find this to be a hopeful moment. The re-election of a cruel, incompetent, racist idiot seems unlikely. Woo hoo!”

So, the essence of this article is that the moment Trump is gone, America will be great again? The millions in the penal system will be freed? The budgets for the military will reallocate to education and healthcare? The drones to innocent lives abroad will stop? The hundreds of military bases all over the globe will be closed? Racism will stop? The babies and mothers will enjoy parental leave? The police (an agent of the state), will stop murdering people (~1,000/y)? The republic will actually be a democracy? No, let’s not call this a Trumpian Tragedy, this is a US tragedy.


Anyone in Trump’s orbit is unable to see his many crimes. That’s why they’re in his orbit. They want their share of the pillage and power.
Corona virus? Who cares. The hope is that those who die wouldn’t vote for Trump anyway, so no loss there. The rest are collateral damage.
Diving into the minds of sociopaths is not for the fearful. We keep thinking they’ll act like reasonable empathic people. Wrong. They’ll act like those who will do anything to get riches and power, including allowing a pandemic to rage uncontrolled.



I found this an excellent read summarizing how the United Kingdom and the United States of America have become “failing states” , this having its roots in the neo-lberalism they embraced.

This will not end with Trump gone.


To many that claim they are on left and are progressives (most of them are in fact frauds) , Trump is every bit the boogeyman that Trump claims immigrants and people of color are.

It deflection coming from both sides with few willing or able to come to grips with the fact that these are systemic problems and that those problems were not caused just by Trump and that these systemic problems are bipartisan as Democrats and Republicans both embraced that neo-liberal ideology.

The difference between a Germany and a USA is that while Germany went into WW2 blaming Bolsheviks and Jews for all their problems they came out of that war recognizing those issues were self made. The USA , whether it Democrat or Republican in charge always blames someone else.


From the article:

the Trump (et al.) approach to the Coronavirus pandemic is really quite crazy. It is idiotic, lethal, and cruel – nothing new there! But unlike the poisoning of our drinking water, the impoverishment of the working class, or mass incarceration, it is not good for the GOP or for Big Capital.

And while it might be possible to lie and deny our way through a public health catastrophe for a while, we can only pretend with a deadly pandemic for so long.

True . . . but I would add:

We will not be able to “pretend” when there is a blue ocean event (soon),massive crop failures/the inability to grow food, deadly storms/heat waves, dead Amazon rainforest, dead corral reefs and a dead ocean.

I do not see any difference between the handling of covid and the destruction of our life support system (ecosystems and spheres on and around earth) by the capitalist, patriarchal killing machine that churns out sociopathic homo (un) sapiens.

“Big capital” will eventually be dead like most other life forms.


Everyone should steel themselves for four more years of Trump. I can’t see Biden winning the election.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in what CNN says, or any other mainstream news organization for that matter because they don’t have all the answers. As far as I can tell the key states in this next election will be the rust belt states that trump won in the last election: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. If Biden can flip one or more of them then he has a really good chance of winning.

I honestly can’t see how this country could survive four more years of trump - just look at how much damage he has done in just 3 1/2, and he’s probably been on his “best” behavior since he has had to be concerned about getting re-elected. Imagine four years of him on his worst behavior.

Being dark and pessimistic doesn’t do any of us any good. We need to be encouraging people on here and elsewhere to vote trump out of office. So many on here (I imagine some of them are trump or russian trolls) act like they are okay with having him for four more years if they can’t have their perfect utopian third party government where everything is hunky dory all the time and everything goes their way. I doubt this will ever happen in this country because it is too big and filled with all sorts of people. We just have to make the best of what we have and keep trying to move the needle back to left with each election cycle.


So much shit coming out of such a tiny Trumpian mouth after it’s redirection from the other orifice in his butt–

Here is some of what he has stirred:

The Far-Right Revolution Was Waiting for an Opportunity. Now, It’s Here.


The economy cannot thrive with a lethal, highly contagious virus on the loose.

True but why perpetuate the capitalist system that makes crime after crime possible? We have two existential threats: ecological collapse and nuclear war and, simultaneously, pandemics of racism and the system that inspired it here in US America along with the coronavirus.


I wonder if that moment of truth will not at least visit him on his death bed.

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Unless, of course, his motivation is exactly the destruction of American society, lives, reputation and standing in the world.
Wonder why?


I have a dear friend who is a thinker, (has a PhD in astrophysics fer crying out loud) who, along with his wife published IN CONTEXT, a sustainability mag that sought research and strategies for positive cultural changes back in the 70’s thru the 90’s. He seems to be a human who is always smiling, always positively delighted in whatever is happening as it contributes to his never ending ideas on how we get out of the crap we are in now. His days are filled with constant social debate and never ending online meetings and seminars.

He considers Trump as a positive force for change who has assisted in switching the GOP party from conservatism to authoritarianism, and believes that in ten years or so we will all be praising our luck to have gone through this forced regime of monsters to bring this country to a much better place with more progressive themes and policies. Into this mix comes COVID, what he calls a TRIPLE THREAT (vid on youtube ~ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkOcU3zwAIQ&t=327s) but with some remarkably positive outcomes in social changes and attitudes.

I sure hope he is correct. His name is Robert Gilman, he is worth reading, has a few vids out. Always come away feeling a bit lighter after speaking with him.


With great sorrow & frustration that I say in all earnest,
“Nailed it!” And so very well he did it.
Are we all so used to this shit-stain on the face of America, that we think we’d ever be describing a sitting president of this Country?!
One that the f*cking GOP has the unmitigated gall to be running, alone, to give him 4 more yrs to complete the destruction of America!?!
And, knowing that Trump lies, cheats, threatens & steals…even kills Americans…but does not bother with the ‘boring’ business of day-to-day running of this nation ~ that’s ok with ya’ll?
Trump’s time is spent on Trump! Nothing else matters to him. So how can you believe he is in charge of this nation’s business. Other than when he opens his mouth & humiliates himself & us in front of the world - who truly thinks we have lost our minds.

Scan TV for his own face & words. Watch biased mouthpiece called Fox.
Golf. Eat fast food. Tweet.
There’s his daily schedule.
Oh! …& apparently, make private calls & deals behind our back, with dictators he thinks actually like him, but really just own his ugly ass …& in case of Putin, also owns his multi-million dollar loans.
Where in any of that do you see time or inclination to be running this Country, for the good of this Country & its people??


I can guarantee you that it won’t. My ex had terminal cancer. It eventually killed him, but while alive, he just got meaner and meaner. The cancer was just an additional tool for him to abuse people with.


I recently witnessed something like that in a loved one. Freaking broke my heart. Permanently.

On the other hand, we lost our beloved Aunt Jean many years ago in a different light. Jean was half Lakota, and never mean while I was around. She bestowed on us the most precious gift – demonstrating the graceful way to die. The last time we saw her, on her deathbed, she was bright with enthusiasm, urging us to spread the news to our parents that it’s okay. “Tell them it’s wonderful,” she said.

Jean’s half-brother brought octagonal star quilts from Pine Ridge to the funeral, with Jean’s instruction to give one of them to us. It has filled a wall in this home ever since. It looks like a tunnel I can dive into when I need to consult the ancestors. I have no greater treasure than that compelling quilt.


True, that is an underlying theme being aired out, that we could be a better nation for our trump troubles. Maybe it would have been better to plod along with Clinton at the helm. It’s impossible to fathom that the trump experience would be good for anyone, at anytime, for any reason though.

He has done one thing that could be considered positive. Americans have had to swallow their pride to some degree. Dashed our feelings of exceptionalism.

The hard part is NOT understanding right-wingers, the hard part is changing them.


It’s funny Tim, how is it you have a PhD in economics, and not one word in the story about our system on the brink of crashing before the virus interrupted it. Failing to admit that means you failed to see the point of the economic response from both parties in relation to the pandemic, not just Trump.
What was their response? They looted the treasury, and gave it to the corporations. Why? Because they knew the system was going to collapse, with or without the pandemic. Why would they care about the masses, they got theirs and their overlords share, the rest of us got a middle finger from all of our leaders. Stop pretending we have an opposition party, it’s one of the major reasons we’re in this mess. Is Trump a total shit storm, of course, but Biden is only slightly less of one. Unless one or both of the Presidential candidates dies before November, we’re all screwed.


Gordon, wake the hell up, and get your nose out of the dnc’s backside. Or do you work for them? With your “trump or russian trolls” comment, it’s a very real possibility. Most of us “trolls” here realize we have no opposition party, and your sheepherding for LOTE voting is the main reason we don’t.
You make the best of it, most of us here know were screwed with either horrible candidate. If Biden wins and goes back to his neoliberal policies, and he will, maybe you’ll figure it out, but I’m not holding my breath.