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Trump the Predictable


Trump the Predictable

John Feffer

Shortly after taking office in 1969, President Richard Nixon devised his “madman theory.” It was the height of the Vietnam War, and Nixon believed that he could end the conflict. It just required a bit of unpredictability.


The big mistake was made by voters who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. Now come the consequences.


The big mistake was made by voters who didn't vote for Jill Stein. Now come the consequences


If only we could have gotten the Stein vote to 2%. I think that would have been the magical number that would have changed the world and ushered in an unprecedented era of peace and tranquility.


The Dems made a huge mistake nominating Clinton, a figure traditionally despised anyone at least one millimeter to the left of Ann Coulter.

And Clinton (& her surrogates) made a huge mistake pushing for increased escalation of the ongoing confrontation with Russia. I genuinely thought that the final 3rd of her campaign was to condition the public to accept war with Russia & based on Hillary's history there is every reason to believe she was prepared to fight the Ruskies.

The choice was then between concentration camps here in the USA or war with Russia.

How you rationally determine which of these is truly the lesser evil?

(I voted for Stein. If that had not been an option, I would have written in Ringo Starr, whose mantra is 'peace & love.')

The whole campaign was like a remake of the film Pink Flamingos, with 2 degenerate criminals competing for the title of 'Filthiest Person Alive.'

Dems need to put aside their illusions about Hillary. She freaking proposed a ban on flag-burning in 2005, she opposed marriage equality till 2013, she engaged in racist dog-whistling till at least 2008, and in terms of foreign policy & the right to dissent she is basically Dick Cheney in drag. With Liberals like her, who needs a Tea Party?

Will Trump be, in the end, worse than Hillary? Maybe.

But it was like a choice between Rudolf Hess & Hermann Goering. Either way, you vote Nazi. Sometimes you shouldn't fall for a Sophie's Choice.


The New Amerikan Fascists have taken the reigns of power - and what unprecedented power. Virtually all constitutional protections have been removed by Bush/Obama, and the POTUS can now stalk, threaten, spy on, pussy-grab, kidnap, rape, imprison, torture or kill anyone, anywhere on the face of the planet - all legally. We all have every right to feel threatened and fearful. One hope is that this sinks in with the people who elected this criminal psychopath president. The resistance of those who opposed his election will pale in comparison to the wrath of those who realize they have been swindled and betrayed. The new lords are not just vile and disgusting beings (i refuse to use the term ‘human’), but slow, stupid, and blind to reality. Russia, China and the other world powers must be licking their chops, looking forward to going up against such lightweights and eating our lunch. Between having no support for their policies and no respect for their authority on the world stage, and a unified opposition at home, i expect they will find it hard going. The best case scenario is that, over the next four years, we rid ourselves of all of the neo-libs and neo-cons for good. Let the games begin.


I'll write much the same as Crabpot with less inflammatory rhetoric.

The public and press and Trump's Republican opponents were generally bewildered that a "candidate "could" advance as far as Trump without clear policy statements. I believe--and would hope someone like David Cole would take up the challenge--that Trump;s mind is highly anti-law (not sure that's even a word). In business he has exercised whatever idea came to mind to establish any profit-making enterprise construct he wished. I estimate that his first use of his legal team was to determine whether laws existed to aid his capital formation or business operations and his last use was to sue any opposition.

And for us to respond to his cabinet picks in terms of political spectrum, right, conservative, or whatever, is probably a waste of our time in taking on this rising administration. More likely he wants a cabinet of lawbreakers. It might be more polite to say law challengers, but I believe he truly wants administrators willing to break, bypass, or--minimally--ignore laws that limit his menu of actions. And these cabinet members will probably act as I've surmised his legal teams functioned in business. Trump will act above the law as often as he can, and then offer us that cheesy "I don't know, gee golly whillikers, maybe" shit that he's currently issuing over his DC hotel's conflict of interests.

In all this I picture Bannon's role to instigator of actions, framing them for publication, and assessor of cabinet loyalty. Bannon would be the man to point out needed firings. Those too unwilling to break the law. But look at those picks so far. They're out to destroy. Not reshape.


The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, then pursued the longest, most expensive war in US history. This drained out the budget, and with our jobs gone, there's no way to fix that. We're heading for economic collapse. Meanwhile, 20 years of work went into pitting people against each other by class, race and ideology. Divide and conquer, so there's nothing we can do about it.


No, the US has been implementing fascism for years, slowly and from the bottom up. Our more fortunate just didn't start noticing until now. We've already stripped our poor of a list of fundamental civil and human rights. Because the US itself is an economic entity, it makes sense that we have a class-based form of fascism. It's not necessary to have a sudden, violent military coup for fascism to take root.


"He wants power. He is ruthless and vulgar. And he will do whatever it takes to win. It’s not difficult to predict the kind of foreign policy he will attempt once in office. Trump will try to grab the world by the crotch."

Mr. Feffer doesn't leave us much room to hope, does he? However crude Trump may be, he has been trumped by his opposition. In spades.

It doesn't lead anywhere, of course, other than recognition that you have joined the righteous in their battle against the prince of darkness.

I find myself hoping somehow that Trump will prove an able President simply because the attacks on him are so ugly and seem to lead national dialogue ever downward.

Sadly, the discourse of writers mirrors that of our leaders, who seem to delight in "putting those it chooses as it enemies" down and showing not an ounce of respect for them. Lost is the language of diplomacy which is essential to coming to peaceful settlements where differences exist.


Trump should appoint Hilary Clinton to his Cabinet in some manner. She fits the ctiteria in the headline of this article.

I am remined out that BMW commercial where this guy tries to sell a car saying it drives "just like a BMW" or some such and the potential purchaser says "why would i not just get a BMW?"


Trump called Pakistan and had what I can only describe as a truly bizarre conversation.

Now he's called Taiwan, which is something the US doesn't do.

But Clinton was the one who was going to start a war, yeah?

And when Putin tests him re: the Baltic States, there goes NATO as well, I guess, because Trump is saving us from WWIII. So I've been told, anyway.


You are truly hilarious. "Peaceful settlements" with Trump and his band of lunatics is about as nuts as it gets. You can shower all the "respect" on the Trump bunch that you wish. Have a good fucking time.


Yes, and constant war equals contracts for the defense industry.


I believe "economic collapse" is a bit over the top even with Trump and the republicans in charge. With these jokers things will deteriorate, but we don't necessarily have to suffer a great deal more than after the recent Great Recession. And there are things we can do about it. We can elect sane leadership who at least make an effort to tax wealth and mitigate trouble for the poor. It things get too terrible, we have our own currency and can inflate away some debt. No, it's not ideal, but if done with some care, it does not mean severe depression.


I agree, and now the powers that be want to end social security and medicare in the first 100 days. People would not GET SS if they did not work . It is a tax. They want to dump it into Wall Street, the same people who collpsed the economy. Why? They represent big government So..... people who work for the government, get lucrative salaries, and pensions, want to stop programs for everybody else. Does anybody else see the irony or are people too busy shopping at WalMart?


And thinking people do not have to give up and lie down. Imagine if the founding fathers lay down before the British?


As horrified as I have been about "President-Elect Trump" (cringe), I have to say that I have thought the U. S. has been extremely unfair to the actually free, independent, and democratic Taiwanese people. They have done the hard work to become a democratic republic. The only reason we do not recognize them as an independent nation is because of the economic juggernaut that is the fascist, and totalitarian PRC. I've had a hard-on for the PRC ever since Tiananmen Square in 1989. About the only thing they have done that I don't have a lot of problems with had been their one-child policy, because it has meant there are about 400 million fewer people on this overcrowded planet than there would have otherwise been. I have long-believed that the U. S. and the rest of the free and civilized World should recognize the right of Taiwan to it's independence, and to call for full freedom and independence for the oppressed people of Tibet. F#$% the repressive, fascist government of the PRC! Do you really think they would start WWIII over it? I think that is the only reasonable stand a true leftist progressive can take.


No, I don't think they'd start WWIII. However, I believe China owns about a trillion dollars worth of US debt in the form of treasury bonds. If it wanted to, China could dump those and we'd just have to pray there are buyers for them. Even so, the value would decrease, so the interest would increase, and in a deficit situation that's some bad news for the USA right there. That would probably lead to a trade war which would hurt both sides.

The WWIII I was talking about was the one with Russia. If Putin decides to invade Latvia, a NATO country, what would Trump do? I think he'd kiss NATO goodbye, and thus WWIII would be averted. Which is...good news? I guess? Not so good for the Baltics, though.


Well, the USA would have had a health service like that of Canada, at the very least; the USA would have had a Head of State with both good manners and a sound education; probably French culture would dominate the region between New Orleans and St Louis, so the USA would have had good cooking and an intellectual society in that part of the world, even if they did speak French; and Texas Colorado and California and other states in that general area could well have been Spanish, with the attractions and sensibilities of that culture. Yes, your slave-owning Founding Fathers made a sad mess of the place in their attempts to dodge paying their due taxes for being saved from the French.