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Trump: The Sudden Anti-War Champion?


Trump: The Sudden Anti-War Champion?

Reese Erlich

Last week President Donald Trump surprised the world, and much of his own staff, by announcing plans to pull more than 2,000 US troops out of Syria. Then he said he would cut the number of US troops in Afghanistan in half.

In response, Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis and special envoy to Syria Brett McGurk resigned. Conservative Republicans denounced Trump. The foreign policy establishment in general went bonkers, claiming Trump was endangering national security.


Most of the Dems and the entirety of the corporate media from MSNBC, CNN and FOX are all aflutter with reasons bringing the troops home is a bad idea. They insist on more and permanent war.
I suspect if troops leave Afghanistan, they will be replaced by Eric Prince private mercenary army. Trump has said he likes that idea.
The region of Syria currently and illegally occupied by US troops is resource rich, big surprise there. The Syrian government needs the revenue from resource sales to rebuild their country and will not turn over this land without a fight.
US imperial troops should come home from outposts all over the globe. If they actually do come home from Syria and Afghanistan is would be a miracle indeed.


Erlich sez:
“The US empire is learning that the only thing harder than starting a war is ending it.”

Pity there isn’t a bit more difficulty in paying for it.


While Erlich’s last line is true, this piece is fairly shallow. For a clearer, deeper, more nuanced look at Trump’s moves visa v. Syria, try this:



I will believe it when the troops set foot on North American soil.


Superb, Falk is superb, thanks.