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Trump Thinks Federal Workers Can 'Just Ask Their Father for More Money,' Says Pelosi. 'But They Can't.'


Trump Thinks Federal Workers Can 'Just Ask Their Father for More Money,' Says Pelosi. 'But They Can't.'

Common Dreams staff

In what Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer described as the latest "temper tantrum" by the nation's most powerful elected official, President Donald Trump simply walked out of a White House meeting on Wednesday afternoon after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she would not grant him the funding he has requested for the wall he wants built along the U.S.-Mexico border.



Thanks to the Electoral College, a whole lot of free air time by corporate media, and the genuine gullibility of a large swath of the American populace, America “hired” a con man whose rise to popularity was due to the phrase “you’re fired”. Surreal, at best. Interesting times indeed. Trump’s being insulated from immediate removal via a backup dominionist, all I can think of is the Chinese dictum “may you live in interesting times”. Boredom sure sounds good right now.


It is not insensitivity that is driving this monster but the desire to throw red meat at his rabid followers and make the Democrats the culprit of their situation in time for 2020.


Time to wag the dog.



the Democrats own this WHOLE thing … first by cheating Sanders in 2016 and now by continuing to ignore the class issues that are effecting 99% of AMericans.

THE DNC are morons when it comes to CLASS issues. It’s just fucking pathetic at this point



Neither Trump, Pence or any other GOP operative is “a nutcase”. They are all great actors, playing the roles they need to play to enhance the fortunes of the 1% at the expense of the 99% and turn the US into a neufeudal paradise for the 1% and a neofeudal hell for the 99%. Appearing to be nutcases is just part of the act…a means to an end.


Yes, it does- Is Pence the back up? Is Devious? Hey, gubmit can disagree but that is no reason to shut down and use workers as pawns. Plus Dump said in so many words that the workers do not matter as they are democrats! What the h??? How does he know and why should it matter? For this reason alone he needs to be more than impeached - he needs to be thrown in jail and the key needs to be thrown away


I agree- but what is the one per cent missing? Why isn’t more not enough- and the deplorables who go along with this are even scarier.


Reminds me of the saying: " LET THEM EAT CAKE!"


Pelosi is worth $150 million - can we ask her for money?


That was a great interview. Thankyou giovanna. It makes sense.


Sanders would not have won the general election either. Trump would have simply said: "Sanders is even more an extremist leftist than Hillary! He will open our border to hordes of brown people, tax you to death and give the money to the lazy poor while they take away your SUV over the global warming hoax and the war on coal!

The Trump campaign also had a 4 foot tall stack of opposition research on Sanders he would have unleashed - he stole electricity from his landlord when he couldn’t pay his electric bill, he once collected welfare and unemployment and the like. And the real money shot" “he honeymooned in the Soviet Union!” Yeah. Petty stuff. But hey, with the education level of average USAns in key rust-belt states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, it works.

You really need to get out and talk to ordinary Americans…


Sanders would have won a landslide. He would have diced Trump to pieces in debates.
Oh, and he would have campaigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida, instead of what Hillary and the DNC did, which was sit on their collective asses and try to win on the cheap.
Also keep in mind, despite Hillary not campaigning in key states, and being a total train wreck of a candidate, she still won more than 3 million more votes than Trump.


In the old days as today the GOP represented the rich. The democrats represented the middle class. As time went on the democrats got tired of the same old same old middle class as the money, of course, is in with the rich. So the dems passed Nafta and now there is no or very little middle class. The good jobs moved over seas and China in particular has used that to grow their country in many ways.

Suddenly, the US wakes up and is losing its grasp on the world’s throat and the precious empire. To bad everyone has been broken and turned into service workers. That’s really okay because you only need to know two things… Who you serve and a moving or stationary metric to know when you have served well.


Thank God we are not a democracy.


Pelosi is the last person I want to hear talk about lending money considering all the cash she fundraises. This whole situation is depressing. I expect the Dems to eventually cave. In political games of chicken Democrats always are the first to flinch. Usually right out of the gate.


Well, excuse me the very rich hide or “invest” their money, and if everyone else has a job that does not pay a real wage- then guess what? Not enough people can afford to buy the goods.


Just take the printing press from the Fed and give it to the poor.