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Trump Thinks Federal Workers Can 'Just Ask Their Father for More Money,' Says Pelosi. 'But They Can't.'


Ah yes, the old woulda, shoulda , coulda- doesn’t do any good now. Get this- the gobmit refuses to pay the federal workers, and banks are foreclosing on their houses like it’s their fault. Dump likes that because the imbecile thinks they are all demorats. His side will like that - just like when they cheered when someone got sick and did not have insurance. Served him right, they said.


Look that is not funny- not at all. Tonight some federal workers including prison guards said that banks were ready to foreclose on their houses.


He clearly is a psychopath as many shrinks have said.


I have a different sense of humor than you.

That is not funny it is sad.


“Dad, can I please have $400 Million. The president of the United States says all I need to do is ask my parents for money because he has shut down the government and I will not be getting a paycheck until he gets a wall to keep his base happy with him.”


Trump is a narcisistic psychopath, making him an unstable leader as president of the U.S. This is the consensus view of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts in book entitled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump … Oct. 3, 2017. Despite professional norms of confidentiality and neutrality, they feel morally and civically obligated to warn the general pubic that Trump is mentally a clear and present danger to our country. (For a short book review, see:

He’s an autocrat, an inveterate fabricator, a self-obsessed authoritarian who makes no distinction between truth and non-truth. For him a truth is a lie and a lie is a truth. He’ll go to any devious, manipulative, story-telling length to achieve his erratic policy demands and feed his ego for absolute power - e.g., holding 800,000 U.S. government workers as no-pay-hostages to his policy demands; e.g., denying the overwhelming science of human-induced climate change and the ongoing existential planet threat posed by runaway CO2 emissions. About all that can be said after two years of this chaotic, divisive presidential leadership insanity is … God help us!



I am no friend of the Democrats, however, if you’re taking bets on the Dems caving in on this stupid wall deal, I’d like to get in for $100 that they will not cave on the wall.


IMHO - I think they are trying to fill an enormous emotional/psychological need with money which is fictional. Some people find the things they love make them satisfied and don’t try to go beyond reasonable limits. Others use food to try and fill an emotional need and they just keep eating, and may get very fat, but the physical limitations of the stomach force them to stop at least for a while. But you can’t actually fill up a real (emotional) hole with fictions. There are no limitations and the hole keeps getting bigger, and these people never stop. There is never enough fiction, unlike food, water, air, etc.


Soon to be replaced by a self-serve kiosk near you. Then what? The best proposal, I have read, regarding the displacement of most of us, is to pay people an annual income so they can keep buying the products that the corporations continue to make while stoking the planet as it burns.


And since there is no God…


Its called helicopter money. Every once in a while the government sends out checks to everyone. Keeps them busy buying scratch tickets.


thats all true and I agree with every word, but I gotta admit I’d have wanted to walk out of any meeting with Pelosi and Schumer too. I can hardly bear to hear them them talk or see their faces.


how can you even argue that he would not have won??? We’ll never know b/c he was cheated.

that aside who the fuck are you to tell me to get out and talk to real americans … i’ve worked at factory after factory in connecticut that has shut down and sent jobs first to mexico and then china … ive personally seen hundreds if not thousands of my fellow americans thrown to the curb because of nafta and normalized free trade relations with china

don’t tell me i need to get out and talk to real americans! ive lived it with them since 1992 so go fuck yourself asshole


Not only is he not fit, neither are any of the other assholes that line up behind him daily to kiss his ass And verbally fellate him in an never ending line of the most stomach churning displays of self debasing I have ever witnessed. The country is in DEEP shit .


Frankly considering that more and more people are going to get unpaid, slowing down vital services. Including airport TSA, and possibly the distribution of social services, a part of me wants the Dems to cave. But I know that would only further empower Trump. God help us if he manages to declare a national emergency.


That book should be made compulsory reading to anyone of voting age.


If the federal employees would hang together and if they would all stay out of work all of them it wouldn’t take more than two days.


Fictional character Tony Soprano lived in New JERSEY, not New YORK. Media cannot seem to get even the simplest facts straight. Sad.


I see you’ve run into the oddity that is the Yunzer Ball of Confusion.

A professional class bureaucrat who claims to speak for the working masses of America (whom he detests) because he occasionally drives around Pittsburgh and sees things.

Seriously, the only type of person who even refers to “talking to real Americans” is someone that actually isn’t one. So you’re on righteous ground, brother.


It wasn’t a failed meeting when rump walked out. That was a display of the balance of powers between the three branches of gov’t as was intended by the Founding Fathers. Too bad rump doesn’t have any respect for democracy when it occurs. If he was serious about building that wall, he would have gotten a start on it when he first got into office. Obviously he has been intending on using this as a political ploy to talk shit about “liberals.” Let’s makes sure there’s no substance to his argument.