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Trump Thinks Federal Workers Can 'Just Ask Their Father for More Money,' Says Pelosi. 'But They Can't.'


This mindset of “running to daddy” is not unlike trumps, and the RepubliCon Senate’s (with a few democrats included) servitude to Israel - being Israel’s “daddy”. The RepubliCon first order of business is giving $38 Billion to Israel along with making the BDS Movement illegal - a clear violatioon of the guarantee of free speech in the Constitution! Not ending the government shutdown or serving at-risk Americans, but a foreign power! Treason by any definition!

RepubliCons and trump want to give Israel $38 Billion more in aid and outlaw American’ citizens criticism of the Israeli entity via the BDS Movement! The RepubliCons are pushing this criminal diversion of resources to Israel like a Sugar Daddy, or Uncle Sugar, to fund Israeli racism and crimes, just like they want to serve racism and violence on our southern border against Latino people! The overt evil and extremist racism in both cases should not be tolerated, and are crimes against humanity!

The trump regime and their treasonous allies in Congress clearly think Israel and its racist agenda is more important than American citizen’s needs? More than the 800,000 out of work and struggling, to force $5.7 Billion as a down-payment only,for trumps racist and insane border wall, that will cost in total about $75 Billion?

How can Americans tolerate this treasonous regime and its priorities or Israeli right-wing subversion any longer?


I wonder how many of you, whom claim to be opposed to Trump’s wall, have actually taken the time to email the whitehouse directly at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/, and/or president@whitehouse.gov, and/or vice_president@whitehouse.gov, and/or comments@whitehouse.gov in order to let YOUR VOICES be heard on the issue?

I notice none of your “leaders” are encouraging you, the “People” to take direct action.


The biggest problem with America is American citizens themselves.
They’ve just become to damn lazy, docile and complacent to allow “democracy” to continue living and functioning.

Flood the s.o.b.'s with emails!


Perhaps he’s the one who’ll be on the hook once he declares a National Emergency when in fact there is none.

Watch the Republicans peel away from him if he’s insane enough to try that.


The Zionist Zombies in Congress will pay dearly, in the long run.

The bases on both sides of the Duopoly aren’t going to be happy with the $38 Billion in taxpayer dollars going to one of the other two terrorist nations in the world.


Thank you. I assume everybody here is coming from their own personal truth and life experiences and i don’t assume to know anybody’s personal story.

i take everything at face value. I guess i overreacted but its only due to my own personal experiences.

Ive seen so many people hurt by these neo liberal trade policies. Connecticut was once a great manufacturing state.

Now it is one of the most unequal states in the country. You have a bunch of hedge fund and wall street assholes living in southwestern fairfield county, the towns of greenwich, new canaan … etc

the rest of the state is a burned out post industrial hellscape where most people now serve drinks for a living if they are lucky

i apologize to Yunzer but he/she was way out of bounds for assuming they knew my personal story.


“Trump Thinks Federal Workers Can ‘Just Ask Their Father for More Money,’ Says Pelosi. 'But They Can’t.” Maybe not, but they can always ask their Aunt Nancy for Money. $200 million can go a long way when you’re not getting paid!


Did the man-boy even consider how many federal have lost their fathers. What a stupid suggestion for an example.


He will- just like Hitler.


I know about the Wall Streeters and people who commute to NYC who have no connection to CT at all- just another post for them to may out their billions


I think he is planning on shutting down the gubmit until 2020 and installing himself as a permanent dictator.


I’d like to believe you are right that the Republicans will peel away but unfortunately they all seem to be in the same basket of nuts. Frankly I feel at this point his base might think declaring a national emergency would be “brave”.



The base in this case will have no relevance to anything. Their perception of Trumps bravery, matters not.

If Trump abuses his power to create an emergency that doesn’t exist in reality, this will most likely be the last straw for Democrats who have been hesitant to initiate Impeachment hearings.

The abuse of power is glaringly obvious. Don’t you agree?

Everything Trump is doing is merely a distraction from his impending, inevitable demise.

He has skirted the law his entire adult life as his father did, using his money and influence to buy other’s allegiance to their less than lawful practices.

I will remain positive that he will be brought to justice.

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Trump’s dream of an oligarchy seems to be coming of age. If Palosi doesn’t win this one we ARE in fact doomed. Miller and Trump have created the perfect storm.