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Trump Thought Mueller Would Be 'the End of My Presidency.' It Should Be.

Trump Thought Mueller Would Be 'the End of My Presidency.' It Should Be.

Will Bunch

Buried on Page 290 of the long-awaited Mueller report into Russia’s 2016 election interference and questions of collusion and cover-up surrounding President Donald Trump was one of those rare peeks behind the curtain of our insane presidency — exactly why the 440-page report was so highly anticipated for so long.

Trump also exclaimed, “I’m fucked.”

Now, we not only have a corrupt Executive Branch, we also have a corrupt Judicial Branch. That’s 2 out of 3 branches of government corrupted by the presence of an unfit, immoral, unethical, rascist, conman and cheat.

If the Democratic Party Establishment leaders refuse to acknowledge this and perform their Constitutional responsibilities, they too are corrupt and should be jailed for conspiracy to permit a Fascist Fokker to occupy the presidency.

If the Democrats are complicit, We the People are the ones who are “fucked.”


But naturally, it isn’t the end of his “presidency.”

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Not “yet.”

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Toss in the Senate and I’ll see your two branches and raise it to two-and-a-half.


“Yet” to be determined.


Nice choice of words, PB. (-:slight_smile:

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Thanks Ed. I meant to mention that in my comment and failed to.

Pelosi twit sez:
“It’s clear AG Barr is acting as Trump’s personal attorney, not America’s.”

In much the same fashion Pelosi is acting as corporate Democratic™ donors’ speaker, not American (sic) voters’, I’d wager.


I believe there are a lot of Republican senators who now want to go shooting people on Fifth Avenue, seeing how much fun Trump is having and recognizing that Democrats are the worst game wardens in the world.


“the end of my Presidency”
And probably would have been with a real investigation, instead the people ended up with a report that basically covers the FBI’s and DNC’s asses and continues the bogus Russia Did It meme. Disgraceful, but not unexpected. Gives me no pleasure to say, I did warn you when Mueller was appointed.


“Rather than working to prevent foreign election interference from happening again, the new president labored to prevent a true investigation into what happened.” - Will Bunch

Rather than working to prevent the US government for interfering in foreign elections and foreign governance, establishment Republicans and Democrats have been united in refusing to critique the re-embrace of the imperialist Monroe Doctrine, the overthrow of the elected Venezuelan government, and a possible US military attack on Venezuela.

And, while Republicans have digressed into mere cheerleaders for Trump’s proto-fascist rule, establishment Democrats have chosen to focus on promoting McCarthyist anti-Russia dogma rather than addressing the Party’s shortcomings with respect to its support for plutocratic friendly economic policy, its support for oppressive domestic surveillance and policing, and its support for war mongering foreign policy.


If the U.S. were a parliamentary democracy, there would currently be a Democrat government which would be getting on with governing without having to be concerned with an indirectly elected personage with executive powers in the form of Trump.

What will it take for a rethink of what was thought to be a good idea around two and half centuries ago?

Trump’s end will be more likely a ‘nursing home’ than a trial and conviction in the Senate (the current predominance of tribalism applies to Republican senators as well as everyone else).
For a diagnosis see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCManQJHekc

Bunch was part of the Russiagate promoters, consequently I pay no attention to what he writes, he is without credibility.


A key reason federal investigators could not establish a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government was because, essentially, Manafort et al. operated through cutouts, evidence was destroyed, witnesses lied, and other witnesses were located outside the US. Or as the report states:

“Several individuals affiliated with the Trump Campaign lied to the Office, and to Congress, about their interactions with Russian-affiliated individuals and related matters . . . those lies materially impaired the investigation of Russian election interference.” (p. 9)

I guess that’s something to celebrate from your perspective? If the Trump campaign works through Russian operatives to try to undermine Sanders if he’s the nominee this coming election, I suppose you’ll be just as sanguine about it, right?


This might help with your understanding of what happened.


I read most of the report myself and don’t need nonsense to fill the gaps.

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Ignore reality, typical of your posts on these pages.

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