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Trump Threatens Coverage of Millions as Sanders Confronts Congress With Facts on Single Payer


Trump Threatens Coverage of Millions as Sanders Confronts Congress With Facts on Single Payer

Julia Conley, staff writer

Following the failure of the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act last week, President Donald Trump is on a mission to allow the law to "implode" by halting all subsidy payments to insurance companies—while progressives led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are seizing the opportunity to push for single-payer healthcare.


Ah-yup!   Just stop wasting our tax dollars on the CEOs of the Health Insurance & Pharmaceutical industries,
and spend the money on Health CARE instead!!


What a jackass! He’s like a goddamned persistent child who just won’t shut up, and I’m truly sick of him. Somebody should put him out of our misery. He seems determined to destroy America.


Bernie’s and the democrat’s public option is not single-payer. Call them on it.


I got called out on this and am glad I did!!
Thanks - everyone needs to know the difference.


This article would be better if it discussed how the President has the sole authority to discontinue the subsidies.


Gotta admit: One of the things I do not like about ObamaCare is the subsidies to health insurers who, instead of keeping prices low, game the system with high deductible/catastophic coverage…all while paying CEOs top dollar…and I’m supposed to be happy that democrats are backing even worse coverage for tin foil plans.

I’m not so sure I’d be all that upset if Trump pulled those subsidies and pushed us closer to Medicare-for-All. I’m sick and tired of this charade.


The issue of people with disabilities and their activism should not be overlooked in this confrontation. They have been at the forefront of this issue for a long time. I use to coordinate this care for de-institutionalized disabled people. I’ve been at hospitals with lawyers on the phone to get a procedure done. They know more than most because they have had to fight all manner of discrimination. I learned a great deal and am proud to see their activism.


Ugh, you can do that without harming millions of people.


Uh, actually no you can’t.


Yes you can


The biggest problem seems to be the cost of delivery of healthcare in the US. Supposedly an MRI scan costs about four times of much in the US as in France. Why? This is probably true for many diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures. Why does it cost so much here and what can be done about it?


Here you go;



Let’s be clear: trump is threatening to pull the subsidies to health insurers. They, in turn, will inevitably raise prices or drop out of exchanges completely. Some people will lose coverage–that’s what I’m referring to.


What the people need and must demand is a universal not-for-profit health care system - don’t let BS by Dem DINO’s defending Obama’s-ACA give-away’s to health-care greedy corporations spew their for-profit con-game! Get the parasite insurance companies out of it, reign-in big pharma’s greed and ban damn deadly junk drugs, fund not-for-profit local hospitals, not corporate dominated rip-off ones! Fund lots more medical/technician health care colleges to increase the number of not-greedy medical professionals to serve the people, not wealth!

"Yo, everybody gonna get sick someday / But nobody knows how they gonna pay / Health care, managed care, HMOs / Ain’t gonna work, no sir, not those / 'Cause the thing that’s the same in every one of these / Is these mofos there, the insurance companies!
“Yeah, yeah / You can call it single-payer or Canadian way / Only socialized medicine will ever save the day! Come on now, lemme hear that dirty word - SOCIALISM!” – Senator Jay Billington Bulworth


Yes, among other things but to do that he is de-funding medicaid specifically and healthcare in addition. The ACA is about access. Medicare, everyone that works or almost everyone pays for medicare weather they have access or not. I did for forty five years. The rub is that access has become un- affordable. This doesn’t fix healthcare, but you can do that somewhat with singlepayer or better yet Universal health care. Or, modifications to the ACA.


I absolutely agree. The private health insurance industry (and big pharma) will be milking the taxpayer under ACA (or AHCA, if it happens). The result is that there is no cost control under either plan. We have the most expensive health care system in the world as a result. If Trump somehow ushers in expanded and improved Medicare for all ages and conditions, his image will certainly be improved over what it is now. At the very least, his tweet suggesting halting support of insurance subsidies could be a new opening for single payer advocacy. See www.pnhp.org or google HR-676.


So here’s an opportunity to change the model from disease management for profit to legitimate healthcare, one that could focus on promoting self-care as a way cut to costs by reducing chronic illness, which is is rising sharply, and where most of the money is spent!


Words matter, and we need to stop referring to a single payer system, medicare, medicaid etc as government provided healthcare. What we mean is government funded healthcare, or still more accurately, taxpayer funded or citizen funded healthcare. Not calling programs by their right names is one of the ways the Right and their Democratic equivalents gets away with slandering “socialized medicine”. “Obamacare” is a pejorative to denigrate the Affordable Care Act. The ACA did make health insurance more affordable for many because of the individual mandate and because of the subsidies to the insurance companies. Both of these methodologies are in turmoil because of, in large part, the disruption interjected into the market by the republican obsession with trying to undo it, and, now, a president who has not the slightest idea what he is talking about but uses his bully pulpit to talk out of both sides of his mouth. No one pleads that the ACA is perfect, but it is what could be achieved at the time. Now it’s a different time and Medicare for all the future.


This is a letter that Nancy Pelosi sent to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell encouraging them to work together to stabilize markets. Sounds to me like they’re desperate to keep the for-profit system in place and will come up with a ‘bi-partisan’ way to do it.