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Trump Threatens Healthcare for Poor in Effort to Cut Healthcare for Poor


Trump Threatens Healthcare for Poor in Effort to Cut Healthcare for Poor

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Displaying deal-making skills that employ vulnerable citizens as bargaining chips, President Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday to cut off subsidies that help poor people afford health coverage in order to get Democrats to the negotiating table on repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


The way I see it, what we have witnessed is a right wing, American, Republican revolution. That is not only sabotaging healthcare, but just about anything that benefits the 99% of American citizens ways of life.


So if he discusses the best damned chocolate cake ever, in the same very breath in bragging of 59 tomahawks sent to Iraq, no I mean Syria, then what type of dessert does he eat while bragging about stealing the food out of mouths of poor kids?


Yes, Deirdre, of course the Trump Empire has to cut the costs on 'we the people', because there is simply not enough wealth in the whole world for the U.S. HQed, and disgusied global capitalist Empire that is now more fully integrating itself with two other subordinate empires that have also remained quiet about their real nature as the last 'alt-empires' that need to be subsumed into this first Disguised Global Capitalist Empire.

It was famously said in the late 19th century that, "It takes half the world to support the British Empire".

But now it takes many times the world's total resources to support this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire with its tiny 1% ruling-elite --- and thus, there's not enough for the Empire to 'waste' on all the 'other' 99% of the people.

The Empire's 'negative externality cost dumping' tax payment is simply too large to pay.

Here's my comment on today's NYT Editorial Board's “Trump's Fickle Diplomacy”:

What's going on here is not "Fickle Diplomacy", but "Empires Mating" --- and it seems, if anything, a fickle ménage à trois.

Three former nation-states; one never admitting it was an Empire, one the supposed 'next to the last' Evil Empire on earth, and one a long series of them with a Great Wall it paid for itself, are in the midst of a great (and secret) rutting commotion.

All of these former nation-states --- now posing as different forms of combined political/economic spheres; capitalist democracy, state oligarchy, and state capitalism respectively --- have to figure out how to coexist, keep their impatient masses calm, and avoid total destruction of our fragile little planet, and have to safely procreate a NWO/NWEmpire among their respective ruling elites.

Fortunately, the global ruling-elites network and get along quite well, but such a first in the world; 'effectively-disguised', 'truly-global', and 'capitalist-fueled' Empire has to be birthed with as little a slap as possible and kept happy without too much crying by the people.

We, the powerless subject/citizens of this Brave New World have to hope that the progeny of this licentious coupling doesn't come out; Orange-haired, looting, and violent.

Obviously, it would be far preferable if 'we the people of the world' could vote on it, and have a say in a more cooperative product of a new born global 'socialist democracy', favorable to the people, instead of just to the ruling-elites.


Trump also made clear in his latest interview that repealing ACA was critical for his tax reform plan. In other words, he needs the savings from repeal to fund the huge tax breaks he has in mind for the wealthy, and without that he doesn't feel he can make the reform happen?


And only Trump knows what the best chocolate cake really is!
Make cake great again!


Either way, the Republicans have figured out a way to blame the democrats. I truly hope the Republicans/Tea baggers and corporate Democrats implode.


The idiots who voted for Trump and the Republican Party just learned that voting R means you want the Republican "Raw Deal" that they've been offering the American people now for decades...


That's just it: WE have labeled ourselves as weak- and we are not.