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Trump Threatens Iran With “Escalation;” Could it Spin Out of Control?


Trump Threatens Iran With “Escalation;” Could it Spin Out of Control?

Juan Cole

Both Trump and his hyperactive but ineffectual secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, ratcheted up their rhetoric on Iran on Thursday. In fact, Pompeo has been more or less threatening acts of war for the past week.

Trump said at a NATO news conference,

“I would say there might be an escalation between us and the Iranians.”


I trust the Iranians with their Persian heritage more than the Zionist cabal, which includes the House of Saud. Persia had a culture of society, Zionists have a culture worthy of the Petri dish. The fact of the matter is that the House of Saud is historically steeped in bribery, so we know how Trump will bend (over).


If ultimatums most definitely lead to war, then it’s long past the time that this country, We the People, the two-thirds of the population that are sane, give an ultimatum to Trump to leave before total war is declared on him and those who wish to continue enabling him to destroy “our” country.


Iran and the rest of the world really should place economic sanctions against the US.
There isn’t anything the US has that the rest of the world can’t get from somewhere else.


The loudest voice against the Iran deal, a continuation of calling on us, in effect, to fight to exhaustion to remove its irritants was that most incredibly destructive (for us, Iraq and Syria) parasite. Israel.

Revealed again by its killing of Palestinian protesters, the Jewish controllers of Israel have the morals of a Murder Incorporated.

Is it anti-Semitic to say that, and therefore should that, and anything critical of Jewish wrongdoing, remain unsaid, hidden, in the name of fighting anti-Semitism? Let’s all pretend that AIPAC is a boon for America and the people of the Middle East? Long live that paragon of virtue, Netanyahu!


Anthony Bourdain claimed that Iranians were the friendliest people he had ever met.


I too, can personally vouch for that.


So if our Stable Genius asks for war with Iran, QED, he must therefore explain why it will be a “smart” war.

He’s set the bar for himself. Good luck with that sh*t.


My God, what a triumvirate of ignorant douche bags.


Oh… you mean like all the great deals you have made whose total equals zero.


Smart and Trump in the same sentence? Even malignant narcissists can be smart but that doesn’t prevent them from doing stupid things. Reference Donald Trump and Charles Pezeshki.


Hi Swagman, well Mr Netanyahu and most of the people now in Israel are mostly Polish, Eastern European, British, French, German, American------not a lot of Semites. Arabs are Semites though--------so I just ignore the use of "anti-Semitic " from Israel. Arab Jews are definitely Semitic, but I don’t think they have the same rights in Israel.