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Trump Threatens Violent Police Crackdown Against 'Any Protesters' Who Gather to Denounce His Tulsa Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/trump-threatens-violent-police-crackdown-against-any-protesters-who-gather-denounce


Will he have personal goon squads there?


Trump & the Stones from Daniel Beaumont:

Regarding possible scenarios for Trump’s exit, an episode long before he entered politics shows an instance of how his stubborn refusal to exit was handled. The scene was Atlantic City 1989. The Rolling Stones floated the idea of adding a pay-per-view concert to the end of the tour. The main problem would be finding a venue on very short notice, but Atlantic City was open to the idea. The deal would have to include Donald Trump as one of the producers. But, the Stones refused to be affiliated with Donald Trump and canceled.

Stones manager Michael Kohl told them he would “manage” Trump, and finally the Stones relented and agreed to a deal under three conditions: Trump could do no news conferences. He could not attend the concert. And he could not even be on the premises.

Then Trump gave himself top billing: “Donald Trump Presents The Rolling Stones.” Keith Richards was livid. It got worse. Just as in so many other situations in Trump’s life, something bad on his account he made worse. When Kohl learned Trump was giving a press conference in the room where the Stones were to give their pre-concert press conference, he went to Trump and reminded him of the conditions he had agreed to. Trump protested but Kohl stood firm and Trump left.

Soon Trump was back at it. Keith Richards was infuriated with Kohl and said, “What the hell do I have you for? Do I have to go over there and fire him myself? One of us is leaving the building. Either him or us.” Kohl went back to Trump who predictably escalated the conflict and launched a tirade of insults at the Stones. Trump returned yet again, with three thugs in gloves and brass knuckles. Kohl called for help on his walkie-talkie. The Stone’s head of security answered and told Kohl to look behind. Kohl saw forty members of the security crew walking in with tire irons, hockey sticks and screw drivers in hand. Kohl turned back to Trump and said, “Now are you gonna go, Donald?”

Trump and his thugs slouched out. This time for good.


If you have any sense, you won’t go anywhere near that stupid rally. I actually feel sorry for those planning to attend.


Great story. What a punk.


He’s inciting violence and should be subject to the NDAA clause about domestic terrorism. But then, the NDAA is a fascist thing, too…


I saw “Tulsa’s Republican Mayor G.T. Bynum” but I read “P.T. Barnum” - that would be more appropriate for Trump’s circus.

BTW - about 75-80% of the people are Antifa - Anti-fascist.


tRump supporters are not sensible people, are they?



Feel sorry even for dump?

The whole of the republican party. :))

Not really, I think he is on his own this time around.

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Yes, except they will be called police squads!


I don’t get Trump supporters and I know some. Very articulate educated people. Still a blind spot, maybe it is wealth.


I have many relatives that are Trump acolytes and most are well educated and sensible in other ways, but when it comes to Trump…ALL I CAN SAY IS: THEY ARE EDUCATED IDIOTS!


Donalds wealth is a myth, legend, PR stunt.
NYC celebrity = yes
smart, successful business person = NO

David Cay Johnston, Rochester, NY is the expert about trumps loot.

He gains income as management fees for properties that he has built using capital gained from loans, silent partners, bonds. He makes sure his firm controls all money coming in and going out to pay workers, materials, taxes, etc. Notice that Internal revenue audit completion never occurs.

These are bare bones financially. He skims off just like a London finance bond salesman. Suggest that German Deutsche bank has loans to him co-signed by Russian business persons. Kushner borrowed 500 to 700 million about 10 months ago from a mideast source,

Tulsa has its hands full if out if out of towners, white supremists, show up armed and ready to disrupt.
They should have borrowed a few of Chicago’s 38,000 cameras.


He’s just goading intelligent folks to come to Tulsa and get infected.

Don’t buy it.

Let them all swim in the swamp together.

The family that hates together, kills brain cells together.


Interesting, I would think there is more than one agenda being served here and none of them good. There is a common language between wealthy people that I don’t understand. It is hard to find wealthy yet ethical people that don’t want to impose on other people. I don’t see how this event will have anything approaching amusement.


My dad worked for a super wealthy family.
They had many generations of mine ownership and ship transport.
Very polite, loyal, great citizens. I did visit their estate with my dad once.
They donated 22,000 acres of marsh lands to U.S. gov’t as an example.
Usually, a vast fortune only lasts 3.5 generations at most.
How were they able to continue, generation after generation?
They always married the right person.

An energetic, involved college student from a poor family agrees with you. Told me the most difficult was understanding the rich kids there.


Where I live there is a lot of land grant wealth. The history is intact and fairly well preserved and it is a different kind of wealth that has changed overtime. My family is a mix but never super wealthy. I’m ok with wealth but never aspired to it, they have their own set of problems.

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Trump: “… professional anarchists…”

Cool, where do i apply? What’s the pay scale? Are there health care benefits?