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Trump Throws Up 'Outrageous' Roadblock for Seniors, People With Disabilities in Need of $1,200 Relief Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/01/trump-throws-outrageous-roadblock-seniors-people-disabilities-need-1200-relief

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Evil is as evil does, or something like that. As a vet that woke up this morning to zero disability check in his account, I guess I could be forgiven in thinking these c**ts were trying to kill me.

As it is, we’ll be eating bread all week.

Thanks, government from hell! I look forward to your unceremonious toppling.


The trump administration would seem to be the newest, bestest, bigly barfing transmitter of the societal auto-immune disease introduced by Citizens United, Billy clinton, and their auto-erotic idol the raygun and interim prezes. Yes indeedee sweetie, time to write your reps en masse.


And precisely why is Wall Street and the oligarchic class incapable of recognizing the extreme differences they implement when it come time to extract from from the 99% ? Sorry - rhetorical is as rhetorical dues, I mean does.


After fifty years of being moved hard Right by the misleadership of both filthy Parties, we’ve become so beaten down that we’re worrying over $1,200.

Meanwhile, in England, in Denmark, in other civilized nations, their economies are being remade so that displaced workers get 75-90% of their regular pay… for the duration.

We have no idea how oppressed we really are.



The entire Republican Cabal has been Aiding, Abetting, Covering up, lying for and colluding with Trump on the “Covefe-19” problem and everything else.
Sometimes conspiracies are not theory

Title should include Republicans in general

"Republican Party throws up Outrageous…"


Well said!

This is a simple wealth transfer from grandma’s purse to H &R Block and Turbotax, because grandma isn’t Mr. Trump’s friend.

In better news, I can identify 21 states that by my definition have just turned the corner. I can identify no states at all that are tripling their total cases every five days, and even #51 Indiana is only bombing downward at -135% every 5 days (my stat for turning the corner, or not). Cmon, Mike Pence, even your home state can do it! I hope?

Stats are at *ttp://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


Just say when and where and I’ll be there with spare pitchforks and Boring Company brand Personal Flamethrowers. I’m over torches after this latest Nazi uprising spoiled them for for us.


" Outrageous? No. Ridiculous? Yes. Why couldn’t it be called absurd? Because people lack the real understanding of why it’s simply ridiculous/Absurd? Unnecessary in every way. But doesn’t it create content? Doesn’t it draw outrage? Perhaps what we should be outraged about is a society that behaves in such a manner.

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Thank you.
Alaska at 1
Kansas seemed low
North Dakota, Wyoming seem empty!!
What occurs in Nevada if all federal owned land is subtracted from gross state sq miles?

There are about 3,300 counties waiting for your evaluation attentions.

Believe in coincidences? There sure are quite a few of them lately. Should it be renamed the WHO CARES Act?
Of course, it is April Fools Day.


The Canadian Government had recently announced they would pay 75 percent wages of people retained in small and medium businesses.

They have revised that plan and will now pay the same for larger businesses and Corporations if they show revenues dropping by 30 percent.

The US Model is a great con. What they are doing is giving money to Corporations while claiming this will ensure the companies retain staff. The Corporations will keep the money and lay off the staff anyways because all other revenues drop. They do not need those workers to get that Government cheese so why would they retain them?

The aid has to be bottom up. The neo-liberal model of making the rich richer and claiming it trickles down is a 40 year old swindle which has not worked and which will be even worse in this crisis.


I will add a couple examples.

Illinois not friendly. Need to mouse arrow over the county to gain the number reported.
Peoria looks low and Vermilion county is 1.

The infections, test results, hospital successes, people discharged, are hard to acquire in this very fast changing epidemic.

I was in a pneumonia epidemic in South Carolina. My mom mailed me coricidin tablets which probably got me on my feet, solid.

Not only that, these checks/direct deposits should have gone out 2-3 weeks ago. All this foot-dragging (both sides of the aisle), is simply because they don’t want to have to do it again. People needed this first check weeks ago to meet their bills by April 1. Mr Moneybags Mnuchin is now saying it’s a one-time payment. Yet Trump, in all his wisdom, is now saying he wants to restore the full corporate tax deduction for meals. What planet is this man living on?


"The federal government already has all of the information it needs… Likely more than 15 million Social Security recipients who currently don’t file tax returns and aren’t otherwise required to do so would have to file if Treasury doesn’t use its authority to get those people payments automatically.

NOPE. I am NOT going to cooperate. I am low income but this is a golden opportunity to join in solidarity in the uprising with strikers of every stripe and I am engaging in creative direct action in helping to feed some neighbors.

Enough IS enough!


My understanding is that these are one time payments as well and once that check sent there no further help on the way. Is this the case? If so I really do not see it helping much.


Not only that but they are “means tested” which means lots of low income people will see very little of this money if any. What this can also mean is that if any of these low income people such as myself receive already some miserably low “help” with groceries or rent the state will simply take back most of this extra cash in the form of raised rent, less food help.


it’s another VA medication confiscation they’re not supposed to do since I’m classified as “indigent” thanks to, well, the VA in the first place. It’s actually punishment for putting up a fight over the opiate war at my last clinic and getting a few docs in trouble. They’re just taking some ethical cheap shots for sport.

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Planet Gated Community for Overlords-76B.

government of, by and for the nation’s sociopaths.

Sorry, my typing fingers and my mouse can’t handle 3300 counties once a day. These statistics are to inform individual state governments, where all the remaining power resides, to study the leaders and to shun the laggards.

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