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Trump Times Two


Trump Times Two

Christopher Brauchli

"Tradition approves all form of competition."
— Arthur Clough, The Latest Dialog

Although it wasn’t really a competition, a comparison of the numbers was nonetheless enlightening, and James Comey came in a disappointing second. Of course, Mr. Comey is trying to make up for it by having interviews on every possible outlet except Fox News.


Read your Freud. He didn’t “create” our sex-obsessed climate; he’s simply a reflection of it.


Sad…but oh so true!


Sex sells, one only has to look at the ad world where sex is used to sell almost everything. We are a sex obsessed culture. I remarked to my wife while watching a heartburn commercial that they used sex to sell it. What has sex to do with heartburn? But it was buy our product so you can have sex.
So it is no surprise to me that the sex won out on the non-sexy. Maybe Comey should have appeared topless. Or promise discussion of Trump’s hand size as regarding the size of his organ.


Interesting in light of Socratizer’s comment. The father of modern advertising:


And in reading Bernays’s Wikipedia article, we would learn that his uncle was in fact Freud.


Among the first pull quotes from Comey’s book was one in which Comey states that Trump’s hand size seemed normal to him.

I’m not sure that I’d want to see him topless, but I did see him interviewed on the weekly BBC Newsnight program by Emily Maitlis over the weekend. Comey seems very skilled at diplomatic deflection, to the point that it was difficult to tell whether he really had a point of view on anything. He did defend his position (again) on announcing the re-opening of the investigation into Clinton’s emails just before the election by noting that if he had not done so, then he’d be accused of supporting Clinton. Overall, Comey seemed to have smooth responses that don’t give much away except the theme that he is only trying to do the “right thing.”

You are right about sex selling, although it seems to be more about sex appeal, the appearance of sexiness, than any overt acknowledgement of sex itself. I recall when condoms began to be advertised on TV and the uproar over that; I think there was a ban on when the ads could air–can’t upset the kiddies with thoughts about actual sexual mechanics as opposed to simple sexiness.

Advertising thrives on our insecurities–and what else provokes our insecurities than sex? Unfortunately, American society has an overall attitude toward sex that veers between Puritanism and the junior high school locker room.


I liked his comment. All Freud did was study what drives us and sex is a big driver for what we do. Now it is not the only driver of our actions, but it seems that the ad world focuses on that mostly. That and the fear you won’t get laid because of the type of car you drive.


I haven’t read the memos nor watched much of the interviews with Comey. Comey is doing what everyone else does when selling a book, get on tv a lot. From what I heard, Comey did a great jig around things. I am not surprised at that, he wants to avoid any blame for his actions. He tries to have it both way as I see it.
He tries to say he made sure that the Clinton emalis were not political, but then admits he considered them political along with his actions. He would make a good politician. According to him, he spoke about the investigation of Clinton because he was afraid it would leak out, then he stated in another interview that the FBI wouldn’t have leaked anything about her emails. So which is it? leak or not leak?
Frankly from what I saw, I was not impressed and got tired of it fast. The problem is that there was probably a good reason to fire him, the problem is that Trump fired him because he wanted the russian investigation to go away and Comey wouldn’t promise that. Along with refusing to pledge loyalty. Comey’s only two good points.
As for Comey being topless, that would be for the women and gays to appreciate. Ads use men as sex objects for them and women for the rest and lesbians. Which really ignores all the sexual in between people. Guess they consider them to be too small a population for them to go after. But sooner or later they will be target as a niche market. Can’t let any possible consumer slip through the fingers.
Yes our attitudes about sex can be very puritanical. We still have that streak of it going through american society. It’s why conservatives got so angry about the sexual revolution. They are very puritanical about sex. It’s why they are against birth control, sex is for procreation, not fun. Yet conservatives are the highest users of porn.
And we are very scared as a people. Which is why fear is also a great motivator for americans. It’s why the peace movement has never gained much strength for most of the time. It is easier to be scare and want war than to resist fear and not want war.
My thought on sex appeal in commercials is the point they are using that as if you use our product, you will get laid. So the sex is implied, just not stated out loud. But we all get what they mean, which is why I bought a brand new car, manly shirts, and the right kind of deodorant.
And yes I remember when condoms were first advertised on tv and the scare about them being on tv. How dare the kids really learn how babies are made or that sex can be fun. It is why teenage pregnancies are higher in red states. Women who rely on the aspirin between the knees are called mothers.


What an intellectually enlightening article ! I am so glad that CD published this and that I had a chance to read it. we are so fortunate !


WRONG! Trump never had anything to do with this! Trump is the result of what The United States Of Fascist, Amerika has been for decades.