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Trump 'Tip Stealing' Rule Would Cost Workers $5.8 Billion Per Year: Report


Trump 'Tip Stealing' Rule Would Cost Workers $5.8 Billion Per Year: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"For this administration, anything that gives power to working people needs to be punished."


This is “just” another manifestation of Republican sadism, writ even larger by Donnie.


It is NOW up to the managers of those workplaces to STAND WITH their employees!!!


The National Restaurant Association has been lobbying for this change for years.

When I first heard of this rule change a few weeks ago, I gave this Association a call. As soon as I said, “I was a waiter for 11 years, and I think the rule change…” the person who answered the phone transferred me to someone else, who hung up on me once I completed my one sentence complaint.

Not that I’m advocating such, but it would serve them right if employee theft went through the roof.


Watch what you type. You are saying that the Damnocrats are much better? I scoff!


Well, no sweat, Chicken–I WILL ADVOCATE FOR IT!!!

The way the working class economy is being raped, there may come a time when we will ALL become Jean Valjeans!!!


Indeed. But the link given goes to the extension of the comment period by maybe a week, to Feb.5. Here’s the link to the actual rulemaking:

And here’s what to me were the most relevant bits of the Executive Summary (emphasis added):

The Department currently lacks data to quantify possible reallocations of tips through newly expanded tip pools to employees who do not customarily and regularly receive tips. The Department presents a primarily qualitative approach to assessing the benefits and transfers of the new rule.

The Department estimated the regulatory familiarization costs associated with this proposed rule on an establishment basis and calculated the first year cost to be $3.431 million. The Department discussed other impacts and benefits of the proposed rule qualitatively. For the purposes of E.O. 13771, it is expected that this proposed rule would, if finalized as proposed, qualify as an “E.O. 13771 deregulatory action.”

That last means, of course, it will qualify as sucking up to djt and claiming to have simplified government. But note, earlier in that paragraph, that they estimated it would cost the employing establishments $3,341,000 in the first year just to figure out what the deregulation means.

And here’s an idea: If you want to help the lower-paid workers in the back of the house, instead of stealing the tips that are given (or not) to reward service, let’s require owners to share profits, and maybe with all of their workers.


I was a cook my whole career. I never expected anything from servers or bussers. It was nice when they did share an especially good tip though. Just having tips on credit cards costs servers lots of dough anyway. In the past all servers had to declare, on taxes, was minimum wage. They deserve every cent they earn. Cash is still king on tables. Mr Trump and his hoard of vampires have no clue what it’s like to survive on poverty pay. Everyone needs to scream loud and hard as frequently as they can to stop this next theft from workers. Wow!!??


Hey MAGA whores - any of you work for tips? Tired of all that winning again? You feeling the greatness?


Good luck with that. The management has a good bridge in NYC they want to sell too. For a zillion $'s.


oh,now this I’d love to see. Worked at restaurants much?


i’ll be happy to advocate in your stead and take the additional dossier page. Mine’s big enough already. No one will notice.

If it ain’t nailed down, it’s yours. Supplement your wages on Craig’s List. For every penny some skinflint diner owner steals, take a fryer and hawk it online. And if that doesn’t do it, I mean, lit matches can sometimes be really, really hard to keep a grip on! :wink:


No longer that I had to.

My point being that: if THEY steal from US, then WE steal from THEM. Simple counter-balancing.


My submission:

An unequivocal NO to Document Citation: 82 FR 59562, Tip Regulations Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Document Humber: 2017-27085. As a victim of employer tip theft I know first hand the abuses. Workers of the World: It is high time we fought back!


It now becomes our duty to do so.


Of course, the real solution would be to pay everyone in the restaurant a living wage and dispense with the subservient and humiliating custom of tips like most European countries do. But we are so far from that her in the USA that we must instead defend tipping instead.


But, but Yunzer. I thought this was the land of the free, home of the brave?
Or is it the “land of the FEE, home of the slave”?

A living wage for ALL workers would be the answer but then the “trickle” would stop. (GAG!!!)


Three million and some change is a pretty small number - that is probably an average of only 10 or 20 dollars per restaurant.


OK: Here is the info on these cretins:


Just got through to leave a message. Let’s all call! I wished them to experience massive theft on the part of their employees.


I once worked for an organization that was sued successfully for tip theft. So what do they do? The tips now actually become a “service” charge added to the client’s bill and it becomes our actual pay!