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Trump to Add 'Tasteless Insult to Injury' by Promoting Fossil Fuel Deregulation in Shadow of Fatal Chemical Fire


Trump to Add 'Tasteless Insult to Injury' by Promoting Fossil Fuel Deregulation in Shadow of Fatal Chemical Fire

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just a week after a chemical plant explosion killed one worker and spewed thousands of pounds of dangerous pollutants into the air in Crosby, Texas, President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to visit that city Wednesda



Trump’s primary goal, like just about any politician, is getting re-elected. We’ve seen one of those campaign pillars the past few weeks as well as just prior to last November’s election (caravans) - sating his racist, xenophobic base with immigration scare tactics. His other net is cast much wider. He’s doing everything possible to keep the economic numbers (or at least the perception) positive as possible. Getting re-elected is more probable when voters feel financially secure.

Don’t want to debate the veracity of the following, but so far he’s been riding the good news on low unemployment and healthy stock portfolios. Some of that was caused by the tax cuts which always inject a short-term burst to the economy. Same holds true for opening every possible acre for resource extraction and selling arms across the globe at a record pace .

Deregulation is just another tool to keep the engine humming. The damage he’s doing to the environment is of no concern to him. And if you told him tomorrow that going green would spike the numbers even higher, he’d be onboard with that. He’s not wedded to any philosophy nor anyone, but himself. He’s the Mr. Magoo of politics - Trump couldn’t care less about the carnage in the rear view mirror he’s caused as long as it’s smooth sailing straight ahead. The consummate sociopath.



Whats a glacier?

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A soon to be extinct feature of land. Just like the rest of us might be.



Oh look and ignorant white man named Bob, and here’s the rub, low and behold! He’s from Texas too! I’m shocked I tell ya. Tax revenue is down and deficits are sky high under Trump.
But the clincher is that TexasBob, an award winning climatologist, is going to set us straight on climate change once and for all. Well done scientist TexasBob, you win the Darwin Award for the sixth year in a row. Keep your spawn as informed as you are and they will surely carry on your winning streak. Oh that’s right winners of the Darwin Award don’t have spawn, I guess you’ll have to just pass on your vast knowledge of science and economics via internet discussion boards. Aren’t we lucky.

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How much is King C.O.NG. paying you to troll here? You need to tell them they are wasting their $$$ and you are wasting your soylant green power.



Oh look, TexasBob called me a hypocrite. And a veiled physical threat. Quell surprise! A know nothing bully just like his idol. Any day TexasBob. From a young age I’ve taken special pleasure in knocking the piss out of know nothing bullies like yourself (rhetorically of course).



To the dangerously decrepit fossil fuel industry, as well as its die-hard fans, the Trump administration is like a big dose of Viagra making it easier for them to “erect” yet more
oil, gas, and petrochemical infrastructure without pesky regulations.

We will suffer the consequences of this orgy of greed for many generations to come.



This Greek comedy seems to be headed to a tragic end. Donald “Nero” Trump seems determined to add unpleasant textures and odors to his acceleration of what will be a tragic end to civilization and the greatest die off since the eradication of the dinosaurs should he be reelected.

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The Market will guide them. The sky fairy has so decreed.