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Trump to Appoint Billionaire Friend to Root Out 'Low-Life Leakers'

Trump to Appoint Billionaire Friend to Root Out 'Low-Life Leakers'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Tensions between the U.S. intelligence community and President Donald Trump reached new heights after it was reported that Trump ally and New York billionaire Stephen Feinberg would be leading a sweeping review of the nation's spy agencies.

What Trump wants to destroy all Government! This guy must go!!!

Such is the way of fascist dictators - they cannot allow truth, a free media, opposition, or criticism…

“First they came for” the “illegal” immigrants
and I did not speak-out because I was not an illegal immigrant.

Then they came for the protesters and I did not speak-out

Then they came for the “leakers”…

Then the Socialists…

Then the environmentalists…

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak-out for me.

with apologies to Martin Niemöller


Here we have another example of Trump’s abject stupidity. But then, he probably believes Oswald killed Jack Kennedy.


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Who classifies information? The Government. Who makes it a crime to leak information of government criminal behavior? The Government. Who investigates the government? The government. If everything the government does is classified, how do we know when they commit criminal acts? We are a nation of immigrants and like free ranging chickens, we speak every language on the globe, some of us may even read every language we speak. How much secrecy can the Trump administration keep from Americans? Can they shut down the internet? Even China has had trouble with that. North Korea seems to be succeeding. Why did we elect Trump? The man is a total putz, a megalomaniac, meg·a·lo·ma·ni·ac
noun: megalomaniac; plural noun: megalomaniacs

a person who is obsessed with their own power.
    a person who suffers delusions of their own power or importance.

adjective: megalomaniac

exhibiting megalomania. and no amount of showering seems to quell the stench of buyers remorse. "LE FIGARO" France headline 62% fear visiting U.S. since Trump.
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“They will be caught!” Awesome! While all of this is going on, actual terrorists, not the FBI patsies, are watching our country befome weaker and weaker. There are many reasons politicians try to keep this type of crap quiet. Once the international community sees the Prez distrust his intelligence and spend milleof taxpayers dollars on this, they know that terrorism will be last on the “To Do” list.

He must be blind to the impact he is having on the intelligence community. Does he think he will be applauded by the community he denigrates? Is it possible that he really doesn’t realize how reviled he is, and how much worse it will get?

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Chuck Schumer: " the intelligence community has 6 ways to Sunday to get back at you".


There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t go to war with someone who buys ink by the barrel. (Something Trump has already done).

It seems there’s a corollary to that rule: You shouldn’t get into an information war with someone who sucks up vast amounts of information about just about everyone and everything and knows how to keep it secret, when it’s to their advantage, or to release it, when it’s to their advantage.

My guess is that the Intelligence Community will destroy this administration and Trump will never know what happened. He’s highly unlikely to ever find the leakers and the leaks are highly unlikely to stop.


" Low life leakers."

Thank goodness! To me, these so-called low life leakers are the last line of defense for our democracy that DT is in the process of destroying


The intelligence agencies have a way of doing psych ops against politicians around the world they don’t like. They’re experts at manipulating populations, using the media and applying pressure in a billion different ways. It doesn’t work when a politician is popular, like Hugo Chavez during the 2002 coup attempt, but it often is when the politician is unpopular or at least is on shaky ground. I think it is doubly dangerous since, in addition to him not being popular, he clearly has the potential to utterly screw up something and cause chaos. I can’t say that I like the CIA, the NSA or Trump, but I am not happy that someone as incompetent as him is running the show, as he will probably distract them from doing things they should be doing, like helping to protect us from another 9/11. He’ll also likely put in place people, regardless of their policies, that don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Sanders was a political outsider and would have appointed people with radically different ideas than the status quo in many places. However, he would have been competent as an administrator and would also surround himself with people that were experienced and competent too. I don’t think competency is a pre-requisite as far as being hired by the idiot president of ours, and when screw ups can result in war or a terrorsit attack, that’s kind of a problem.

He’s shaking things up, taking out the garbage, chasing out the old rats and letting new rats in.
That’s entertainment!

Online Direct Democracy

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I agree with the essence of your post; however, Americans have been sold a load of crap (i.e. fear) about “another 9/11”. If you want to make America safer, start by getting rid of hand guns, de-militarize our police force and implement universal, single payer, healthcare. We are at far greater risk from those than from terrorism.

We have an unhealthy fixation on terrorism, which ironically, only perpetuates the limited risk of it that we face. It’s an on-going con by the military and intelligence industrial complex, supported by our moronic politicians. You don’t suppose some folks in the Middle East might hate us because we are present in their countries, drop bombs on them and kill their families, do you?


I agree with what we should do, and I would add that global warming is a far greater threat. I would also argue that the threat of attacks against civilians here has increased thanks to our foreign policy. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences to pay if intelligence agencies are stacked with incompetent people and if they have to constantly respond to incompetent politicians. We could and should do all the stuff you mentioned and we should also try to protect ourselves from attacks against civilians. We aren’t likely to get hit by an asteroid any time soon, doesn’t mean we should ignore the threat.

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And the destruction cannot come soon enough!

T-dump selects yet another creature from the nether regions of Hades: “Feinberg cofounded Cerberus, named for the mythical three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades, in 1992.” Feinberg IS a three-headed demon whose only experience with “intelligence” is sidestepping scrutiny in his own business operations.

The diabolical demented dimwit has no idea the damage he continues to do to our democracy, our international relations, and our national security with his ill-thought-out, knee-jerk, immature spasms of hubris that are so very dangerous. He is undermining his very own power structure and the FBI, NSA, and CIA are NOT agencies anyone with a brain would run up against…no matter how high up the power ladder one may be.

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In today’s press conference, after Trump spewed 25 minutes of disjointed bull $hit that he clearly did not write for himself, and he started taking questions from the news organizations’ employees, I was praying that the first one called on would say, “Did Steve Bannon write that for you?”

Feinberg is also a dual national so where do his loyalties lie. DynCorp is bigger than Blackwater. Looks to me like Trump might want to privatize our intelligence or outsource it to Israel.

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And pay attention to public health. And screw heavy bookcases to the wall.

Let us Not lose our senses and remain alert to misinformation…recalling the planted news stories (depending how old you are) .
The Executive Branch (CIA/DeepState/NeoCon status quo establishment) together with the MSM, are entrenched…(Google “Operation Mockingbird”)
For almost two years, and even more if you include his pre-political celebrity status, the MSM has been stuck on Trump likes flies on shit!
Now he’s President

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