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Trump to Appoint Billionaire Friend to Root Out 'Low-Life Leakers'

While not only is our ‘socalled’ president not draining the swamp for ecological reasons, it would annoy the bottom feeders, he seems intent on creating one of his very own.

While a shake up of our major parties has become essential for the people’s voice in Our government it would appear that our “socalled” president is gathering vultures to divide its carcass. While I have every confidence in the resilience of our republic I would much rather it not be done by deceit and and oppression. The problem with whistleblowers is their indiscriminate blabbing of things best left unsaid. The problem with persecuting them is that these same things are left unsaid. I was taught at an early age that it is best to never do or say anything that you wouldn’t want everyone to find out about. Governments sometimes must do things that they want to stay secret but this is often historically impossible so what administrations must do in a democratic setting is have as few secrets as possible.
I am already wondering why this new batch of politicos is sweating whistleblowers after only one month. What do they have planned that we must not know about?

It was more campaign trail tripe…a broken record/tape continuing one vicious spiral of prevarications and populist slogans to appeal to his ignorant base. No intellect, no imagination, no integrity, absolutely no truth. SOS, different day.