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Trump to Appoint Notorious Vote Suppressor Kobach to 'Sham' Election Commission


Trump to Appoint Notorious Vote Suppressor Kobach to 'Sham' Election Commission

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Thursday is expected to sign an executive order creating a new commission on election integrity and will reportedly appoint "notorious vote suppressor" Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to help lead the panel, prompting what amounted to a collective gasp of horror from voting rights advocates.


And people keep saying, "Wait until 2018, we'll show 'em!"
* Does anybody think, with what they have seen in the last three months, plus what is going on now, that any election we have in 2018 and beyond will be more than just for show?
* Sort of reminds me of the Stalinist elections during the CCCP. They had precincts, the people were given a ballot with a square with DA next to it, which they put their mark in. A member of the NKVD stood and watched you mark your ballot and drop it in the box. Pravda said, "See? Free elections in the CCCP."
* If We the People don't clean up this rat's nest and soon, we will have lost hope for regaining our Constitutional Republic.


Right you are. Let's wait until the end of 2018. In the meantime...


This is not just another garden variety Trumpian fraud. This seditionist practically wrote the bible of voter suppression tactics.
So wonderfully tragicomic.


Another crook/criminal to join the cabal crafted by the emperor with two purposes: filling their personal coffers at the expense of our democracy; dismantling our federal government one cornerstone at a time. Behind closed doors, this guy dances around in his golden cape and tights chanting Kobach the Konquering hero. He will be a loyalist up front and a scheming, self-aggrandizing megalomaniac in practice...not unlike the rest of the Trump Trash Tribe the demonic demagogue has cobbled together. They all know the routine: shower the nitwit with praise to keep him happy while hanging on his every word and then, closing the door behind them, they proceed to enact their own personal agendas without his knowledge. Jackals all.


Republicans: this is who they are, this is what they do. Why do people of good faith continue to expect anything else from this party?
The cure: Greg Palast being appointed to this commission.᤾:wink:


Really. Could there be anyone less qualified


So, while Democrats have been the victim of Russian "meddling" for 6 mo., ad nauseam, they have ignored screaming about voter suppression and Kobach. The people have protested and screamed about it, but to no avail. I'm totally done with the D party as I was last Nov.


Make Greg Palast chair of this commission !


This is why the Reptilians weren't afraid of passing their deathcare bill. They knew that the election in 2018 will be stolen so no fear of repercussions. Always remember, El Presidente Naranja Mentiroso is only concerned about his base. He knows they'll buy any and all things of his creation even if it's totally bogus. Once he gets his base buying into his narrative, he knows the Reptilians in congress will back him even when they know he is wrong. This is how they will pass deathcare and this is how they will pass legislation to suppress minorities from voting. Besides, the Reptilians in congress will be the ones who benefit so why wouldn't they go along.


I have read section 11 article 1 over and over again. That thing is so convoluted that one wonders who wrote the thing. It is truly a joke. A bunch of rather intelligent men creating an enigma with several bottles of half empty Bourbon. on the table


Kobach should be in jail for the election shenanigans he has already perpetrated. I don't understand why he hasn't been prosecuted.


So, there's definitely that, too. " Something's happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear " And, the corruptible voting machines, with no paper trail and............ " too much monkey business ".


Why do we need voter suppression when voting machines can be made to do whatever the controller wants. I can lock and unlock my car from my kitchen, as can millions of people.. Tell me that some smart kid can not fiddle all the voting machines in a room.
What is needed is a return to paper ballots that can be counted by people and seen to be counted correctly by a recount if necessary.
Is Democracy to be sacrificed to save the trouble of an honest count of the votes.