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Trump To Arizona Sheeple: You Know Where My Heart (Sic) Is. Yup, Alas We Do


Trump To Arizona Sheeple: You Know Where My Heart (Sic) Is. Yup, Alas We Do.

Another hallucinatory hiccup in the tawdry downfall of the Republic. The narcissistic dumpster went to Arizona. The crowds of protesters were huge. The crowds of supporters were thin. Still, they valiantly cheered as he lied and preened and raved that hate groups are the fault of dishonest media "trying to take away the history and our heritage.” What? Also wait. Why is a new and catastrophically failing president holding campaign rallies? Keep asking.


“…why is (The Prez) holding…Campaign Rallies?”

Worked for Adolph, and HIS backers.

Also, check out YouTube “JFK to 9/11 - Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick” 3hrs 28min, to get an idea of how Hitler (who had No money) was able to Get Rolling.

He didn’t do it alone, and his Sponsors are still around.


“Trump To Arizona’s Loyal If Uncomprehending Sheeple.” LOL! Best headline yet.


Mother Earth to Trump: **Resign **


I can’t even imagine how insecure Trump must be to need such adulation from such hateful folks. The depths of self-hatred Trump must have is simply unfathomable. In a sane society he would be locked up in a mental institution for his own safety to say nothing of the safety of society. But in the USA there are large numbers who apparently have the same degree of self hatred and they have found an orange haired feces flinging buffoon who speaks directly to them as if he were a god to be worshipped. Meanwhile the ecosystem is collapsing due to unfettered capitalism and Trump runs around having his ego stroked by unfettered hate. It’s truly terrifying times we are living in. The human race seems to be walking on the razor’s edge in a way it never has before. And I really feel for all the other species on the planet who have no say in what man has wrought upon them.


Earth: Plan A, 0: Plan B.


Who are you, Holygeezer? Could be my words…


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