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Trump to Be Least Popular President in Decades as Ratings Keep Plummeting


Trump to Be Least Popular President in Decades as Ratings Keep Plummeting

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's historically low approval ratings have dropped even more, paving the way for him to take the oath of office as the most unpopular president in at least 40 years.


Are these people calling for a coup in the United States? Are we in Maiden Square in Kiev? Is Victoria Nuland plotting to overthrow the American government? Where is the call for regime change in Israel? Are they afraid that peace might break out under Trump?


According to Trump, these polls are all fixed.


Well, if we went by popular vote Mr. Trump is a big time loser. I.e., the majority of voters didn't choose him.

We're afraid and fairly confident a fascist police state will break out under Mr. Trump.


I am concerned about those who are not concerned about or approve of the incoming POTUS.

I would like specifics as to why they think as they do.


A plurality of voters did not vote. No candidate got a majority of the "votes".


Not surprising. He also had the lowest approval rating of anyone who was ever a candidate for president. We need the approval ratings of Republicans in Congress to start dripping because they support Trump. The possibility of a Democratic sweep in 2018 needs to be felt by Republicans. If Republicans stop celebrating and trying to turn the clock back a hundred years and start worrying about their jobs that will be a sign that there is reason hope this disaster will pass. .


The polls are kind of meaningless after this election. That said, losing the popular vote by 3 mil. votes isn't exactly a landslide is it. A popular meme on the right is if you exclude NY and Calif. he won the popular vote by 3 mil. Of course excluding NY and Ca. are wishful thinking on their part. They're right though the country is divided and in such a way that he won barely ( by less than 90K votes in four States.) Again. not exactly a mandate. Won't matter GWBV$H won by an even closer margin in 2000 had it handed to him by his brother in Fla. and then went on to rule with an iron fist ( Cheney) for 8 yrs. Trumpf will do the same, but he'll be far worse then BV$H in every way.




He has also drawn the anger of Anonymous, http://usuncut.com/politics/anonymous-war-donald-trump/.
Guess they've had enough of his shit and decided to out him and his illegal, immoral and anti-American behavior.
I heard this last night and couldn't help but laugh. It just isn't going to go well for the Orange. He may very well quit and walk away, if he isn't indicted.
I can hardly wait for the exposure of his outrageous dealings.
Bet his ratings crash the floor then.


Odd, you don't mention China. As to Israel, do you really think Mr. Adelson & Co. are not going to call in their chits ( vig ) from Trump? Mr. Netanyahu likes Trump and that means he wants more $$$. Trump will get rolled like a Cuban cigar by an AIPAC- loving Congress, genuflecting to blowing up more sand in the MENA. Nuland and hubby will settle in quite comfortably into a think tank, certainly. Trump is a fraud and a cheap suit serenader of Corporate Crypto-Facism at home and a foreign policy of, by and for the Oily-Garghies. Welcome to Trump World: a crooked bazaar within the bizarre world of 21st Century chaos. A coup? Hardly. That's like so November 2016 and 2000, dude.


"Another major point of dissatisfaction in Monday's poll centered around Trump's personnel choices, with 48 percent of respondents saying they disapprove of most of his nominees. Trump famously promised to rid his administration of special interests and corporate power players, but has since assembled the wealthiest cabinet in modern history with deep industry ties."



Yes, just like his fraudulent election. With stopping the vote count in the three states that gave him the electoral college and then 50 of his electors were disqualified, it looks like the Dems didn't want to rock the boat, we must have a smooth transition, according to Obama.
He is not a legitimate president, he didn't win the popular vote, nor did he actually win the electoral vote. He didn't "win" as he likes to say.


My Republican friends say they like him because he is a business man.
And man is he going to give us the business. He's turning the White House into an auction.


42% of eligible voters did not vote. Eligible is key here, because if you're not white and a property owner, are you really an American? Depends on your party affiliation, I guess.


Houston, we have a comprehension problem. I didn't write that a candidate got a majority of votes. I wrote that a majority of voters, i.e., those who voted, not those eligible to vote, chose a different candidate.

Thanks anyway for the pedantry.


It’s a stupid talking point anyway. California has a larger population than most of the South combined, which is solidly right wing. We could just as easily say that if you didn’t include the right wing South…the fact is that both the major candidates were deeply unpopular and he lost the popular vote by roughly three million to the most unpopular Democratic Party nominee in history. There is also no popular support for what the right wing wants to do on almost every single issue. In fact, most of what they want to do is deeply unpopular. Fact is, a good portion of the public doesn’t vote because both parties suck and if you look at polling data, those that don’t vote tend to take positions further to the left of those that do. The fact that the left doesn’t exist right now in national politics even though its ideas have strong public support is the huge issue. While a separate issue, my opinion is that to the extent the left is involved electorally, it does so as part of a party that largely doesn’t share its values on economic issues, corruption and institutional power.


5 from Goldman Sachs. 3 or 4 from Oily-Garghies and the rest from the Cornucopia of Christian Crazy and religious school voucher bandits.




What do low ratings mean, as a practical matter? Seems to me like zero.